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Home improvement tricks to help you avoid the winter blues
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Little changes can make a big difference in your home. - photo by Photo Contributed

Many triggers can affect our moods. From sights to sounds to smells - it’s a sensory experience that we don’t seem to have much control over. Or so we used to think. But with more research being done on exactly how these elements might affect our stress or happiness levels, we now have better insight on how to enhance our mood. This is good news for those looking to make home improvements.

Homeowners can control factors like light, space, color and even the way a room is arranged to improve mental and emotional well-being. So before you’re forced indoors by the cold weather, why not tackle a few home improvements to minimize the impact of colder days and longer nights?

Boost color and mood

“The color of a room can make a huge impact on your mood. For instance, blues tend to have a calming effect, while reds tend to energize and excite,” says Donna Schroeder, Pratt & Lambert Manager of Color + Design. “So while it might seem most important to select a color based simply on what you like, perhaps it’s even more important to first decide how you want the space to speak to you and then go from there.”

To ease the color selection process and ignite the spirits of homeowners through color, Pratt & Lambert has introduced Homes In Harmony, five new stimulating color collections that narrow down choices into easy, manageable collections. These collections include: Seaside Comfort, City Scape, Desert Abode, Woodland Cottage and Fresh Classics. Each contains 18 colors which can be used in different combinations on walls, trim and ceilings, even as inspiration for furnishing and accessories - to blend comfort and color throughout the entire home. So this winter, if you dream of living on the coast bathing in sunlight and the soft, misty breeze of the ocean, you can create the atmosphere you’re seeking with color.

Brighten your space

If being stuck inside seems like a dark scenario and sunlight is what you’re craving this winter, artificial light can trick your brain into thinking the sun is shining and the future looks bright. Studies show that smart use of light can actually boost your mood during shorter winter days when sunlight seems sparse.

Decorative wall sconces with candles can add the perfect amount of glow and pull double duty by adding visual intrigue to a room while lifting spirits. Dimmers can ensure just the right amount of light emits from existing fixtures, and, of course, windows are great for letting in natural sunlight.

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In addition to adjusting the light in your home, a simple shift in the layout of your living room furniture can provide a new look to the space and a fresh interest, keeping your brain stimulated and spirits lifted. Consider changing a focal point from a television to a fireplace or to a large window that has a pleasant view. Swapping out furniture from one room to another is a sure way to mix things up without having to purchase new items. This is also true for vases, picture frames and other home decor items. Don’t be afraid to mix it up. The same principles for color can be reflected here as well - keep it bright and cheery to stave off winter blues.

Freshen the air

Another small way to beat the blues is by adding some greenery to your living space. Incorporating some real plants to your home not only boosts the oxygen levels but adds living beauty to the indoors. Breathe new life into the space with bamboo, Christmas cactus and ponytail palms.

With a few focused efforts, you can easily upgrade the mood of your home for yourself and for all who gather there. For more information, visit