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Make your home fall-ready in one weekend
Get your home ready for fall - photo by Photo Contributed

With cooler temperatures on the way, there's no better time to finish checking items off the home improvement to-do list. Several projects are “must-do's” and should be completed before the harsher weather arrives. Most are simple enough to accomplish in just a couple days.

Complete these projects this weekend and spend the rest of fall enjoying your home and family.

Paint it: Fall is the perfect season for painting, as you're able to open your windows just enough to keep the air clean as you apply a fresh coat of color to interior walls. Painting is a quick - and doable -weekend project that provides instant results. Purdy Professional Painting Tools can help you complete every project quickly and perfectly. Consider updating a guest bath or adding an accent wall to your favorite room. A helpful tool for painting small areas is the Jumbo Mini-Roller by Purdy. The 4 1/2-inch and 6 1/2-inch covers allow you to attain a perfect-looking paint finish and cover those hard-to-reach or small areas. Faux treatments are also coming back in style. To create a room that's on-trend, pick up a Symphony Faux Finishing Tool and add a "wash" or "texture" to your favorite space for an even more customized appearance.

Inspect it: Regardless of the type of heat source used in your home, be sure to schedule an annual inspection before the temperatures drop. This will save the expense of having it checked during the busy season and reduce the risk of spending a few days in a cold home with a broken furnace. If your home has a fireplace and chimney, hire a professional chimney sweep to remove any debris that could catch fire and wreak havoc on your home.

Winterize it: Cover grills and air conditioner units and store outdoor furniture in a shed to prevent rust and damage from the elements. Winterize any pipes that are exposed to outdoor temperatures, and consider installing door and window draft guards to keep your home warm and efficient.

Protect it: Newly installed decks and permanent, wooden furniture require protective stains or varnishes. Be sure to apply the proper protection to the surfaces prior to the arrival of weather that could damage any untreated wood. If your deck is older and requires a facelift, use a Purdy Prep Tool, such as a wire brush, to scrape away and remove the existing treatment to ensure the proper refinishing of the surface.

Spruce it up: Give all shrubs and the lawn one last trim before winter to keep your home's curb appeal looking great well beyond the first frost of the season. Remove seasonal plants that won't last the winter to also ensure the outside of your home looks well-maintained throughout the coming seasons. If it looks too bare for your liking, consider a few potted mums on the porch or stoop for added fall color. Keeping the plants in pots will save the effort of digging into the frozen ground when their life span is through. Repainting exterior doors during this time is a fun way to make a statement and deliver an entirely new look to the outside of your home. Add a wreath or swag to your newly painted door to showcase your personal style.

By taking the proper precautions and completing these weekend projects, you'll save time and money, all while keeping your home well-maintained, looking great and ready for the winter.