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Right tools can help you make home repairs after disasters
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The life of a homeowner is unpredictable. It is inevitable you will encounter necessary home fixes and even an occasional disaster. From storm-damaged roofs and extended power outages to a cabinet door ready to fall off its hinges, it’s important to fix issues quickly before they become a hazard to your family, pets or visitors.

To fix these problems, you can tackle the project yourself or call a professional to help. With the DIY population growing, an increasing number of people are completing projects on their own to help save money. Roughly 70 percent of home projects involve DIY and/or some help from family or friends, according to a survey conducted by TheStreet, Inc.

Being prepared is more than half the battle. Then you can focus on the task and not scramble to find the tools and information you need to complete a project. Consider the following tips to ensure you’re prepared to tackle any home project or disaster.

Stay on top of simple, quick fixes

Acquiring standard tools with multiple functions such as the Klutch 141 Piece Tool Set by Northern Tool Equipment will empower you to complete simple fixes around your home and are an investment that will payoff due to a lifetime guarantee. Keeping up with these simple tasks helps prevent bigger issues down the road. Additional common tools such as power drills, pliers, hammers and screwdrivers will also help with basic home repairs.

Complete projects to

maintain your home value

Common sense maintenance helps preserve the value of your home. Installing a new floor, replacing old windows, repairing walkways, updating your landscaping and adding new caulking around the tub are all simple ways to keep your home in top shape. Tools such as a saw, nailer, chisel, sledge hammer and utility knife will help complete these projects and are worth the investment due to their frequent use.

Plan ahead for emergencies

Storms, power outages and other disasters - both major and minor - will always be a risk, but the right tools will help you cope with a power outage. A few simple purchases - such as flashlights or battery-powered chargers for your small devices - will make emergencies easier to manage. In addition, portable generators such as the Powerhorse Portable Generators by Northern Tool Equipment can provide electricity to run essential items inside your house during a power outage. Having these backup power items can help save money in the long run and ensure you are prepared.

Being ready to tackle a variety of home-related projects is part of being a responsible homeowner. Know your limits, though. If you run into a project you can’t tackle yourself safely, call a professional for help.