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Savvy bathroom-storage solutions

While the bathroom may be one of the smallest rooms in the home, it is also the area where we store a multitude of items, from cosmetics to cleaners, laundry to linens. With this in mind, it’s easy for your bath to feel more like crowded, cluttered chaos than the spa sanctuary we long for it to be.

Luckily, with a few conscious attempts to control the clutter, your bathroom storage woes will cease and you can create a bathing haven to put you at ease.

Shower storage with style and size

Nineteen percent of men and 22 percent of women say leaving items on the bathroom floor is a top annoyance in the bath, according to an online consumer survey by Moen Incorporated. Luckily, freeing the floor can be simple; just use your shower for storage. Adding a Double Curved Shower Rod from Moen creates an excellent place to hang towels, robes and other items. Available at Bed Bath and Beyond in a variety of finishes ($59.99), the double-bar design provides an extra bar for bath essentials when the two curtains are hung together on the interior bar. Plus, the curved design provides an extra 5 inches of elbow room for a more enjoyable shower experience.

Getting the “hang” of it

To accompany your new curved shower rod, incorporate shower rod hooks to fully utilize the storage space ... with style. These S-shaped hooks ($15) are easy to install - simply snap them right onto your shower rod to offer convenient access for a variety of items. Available in the most popular finishes to coordinate with other bathroom accessories, your bath will look great and you can keep items such as pajamas, loofahs or shaving kits off the floor and within arms’ reach.

Drawers of your dreams

Have your bathroom drawers become a catch-all for hotel samples and unused cosmetics? Then it’s time to whip your drawers into shape by weeding out what you don’t need and then finding a spot for everything else. First, categorize items and store like items together. Interlocking drawer organizers ($2) from the or the Pop-a-Box compartment drawer organizer ($14.99) offer a home for each necessity, so that they stay organized and not free-floating around your drawers.

Vanity sanity

If you don’t seem to have enough drawers or cabinets to house the items you don’t want on display - don’t fret. A variety of movable storage towers feature vertical designs to minimize floor space, while maximizing storage. The Real Simple Solutions Rotating Storage Tower ($129.99), swivels 360 degrees offering cabinets with storage trays on one side and a full-length mirror on the other. Both are available at Bed Bath and Beyond in a neutral white finish.

Disguised decor

To create an organized bath you need a designated place for everything. But if your floor or vanity space is limited, where else can you look? Try the walls. Wall shelves can be the perfect solution for storage - and create a beautiful look in your bath. The key is to view the shelves as decor not storage. First, choose a stylish design in a finish that coordinates with the rest of your bath hardware. Then, add decorative baskets or jars to place on the shelves to hold your items. Soon you’ll have storage space disguised as decoration.

With these simple storage solutions, your bath will be an oasis of organization for you to wake up and enjoy each morning.