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Advice for renters not wanting to spend a lot
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Just because you don’t own your home or have a permanent abode, does not mean you can’t be neat and organized in the place you currently hang your hat.

“Even if you are not able to drill holes in the walls, even if you are always on the move and prefer not to invest in costly storage solutions, there are still plenty of portable and attractive options for you,” said professional organizer Lorie Marrero. “Find those that work best for your needs and can be as portable as you are.”

Creative closet space

Some of the most frustrating things about renting can be the lack of storage space and the inability to install permanent fixtures in closets. Typically equipped with one rod and a top shelf, rental closets don’t provide the best configurations for maximizing the available area.

You can make the most of those limited resources with a system such as ClosetMaid’s brand-new Closet Maximizer. This tool-free system securely clips to an existing wire or wood hang rod, but easily detaches if the need arises. The functional modern design features laminate shelves with a double-hang rod, and storage accessories like fabric bins and hanging organizers. The system is affordable and available in three finishes (white, dark cherry and chocolate), and the adjustable, double-hang rod can be positioned on either side to customize the space.

Hidden in plain view

Attractive, colorful storage pieces can enhance existing decor and brighten up the lackluster neutral walls found in most rentals. Anyone living in an apartment or smaller quarters knows that storage needs to not only look good, but also be completely functional.

Add style to spruce up your living space while containing clutter with Decorative Storage products from ClosetMaid. Available in three, six and nine cube designs, they are available in three finishes to blend with any interior and help take organization to the next level. Coordinating fabric bins in various shades ensure pops of color will complement any existing palate.

Ready access for everyday items

Create a system to keep your place tidy. A drop zone, whether in your entryway, kitchen or living area, is a good designated place to keep your mail, keys, shoes, bags or whatever you always need, readily available. 

A small bench by the door for a briefcase or a colorful coat tree for hanging outerwear are good options to keep belongings off the floor. Once you’ve gotten your system down, be vigilant about sticking to the plan.

With the right products and a little creative thinking, adding moveable, functional, attractive and affordable storage can be quite simple for any renter. Take charge of your space and get organized so you can feel better about where you call home.

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