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Tips for perfect home laundry, every time
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Keeping your wardrobe and entertaining linens fresh and clean is no easy task – from fitting your laundry routine into your lifestyle to removing the toughest stains from your bright whites.

To keep your favorite fabrics looking their best, use these simple tips for a better and cleaner laundry experience.

1.Don’t Forget the Prep. Invest in multiple, sleek hampers to separate everything by color and fabric. When organizing laundry, close all zippers and untangle pant legs and table cloths before starting a new wash.

2.Invest in Front Load. Upgrade to a front load washer and dryer for better cleaning and gentler handling of garments. Front loaders use gravity to tumble your clothing, so there’s no heavy agitation that can damage or wear down sensitive fabrics.

3.Save on Time. Take back time spent waiting for cycles to be completed with speedy and efficient appliances. For example, Electrolux’s Front Load Washer and Dryer can complete an entire cycle from wash to dry in just 29 minutes. They also boast maximum efficiency with less water usage per load and unparalleled energy efficiency.

4.Keep It Fresh and Clean. Use decorative baskets to keep supplies like softener, detergent and dryer sheets organized and tidy. This can also help prevent liquids from spilling onto appliances. To keep your front load washer and dryer smelling like new, leave the door slightly ajar.

5.Take Advantage of Tech. Utilize advanced features from appliances such as special steam settings which work to eliminate stains in the washer and remove wrinkles in the dryer.

6.Work with Your Space. If you’re a city dweller with minimal space, turn to solutions like the new Electrolux Front Load Compact Washer and Dryer which are only 24 inches wide each. The washer boasts the largest capacity available in the compact industry and features an innovative, eco-friendly, ventless design which allows for a perfect clean in any space.

With the right tips, it’s simple to keep your attire and entertaining linens fashionable and fresh. For more ideas, visit