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Tips, tech make for a tidy home
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With spring in full swing and summer fast approaching, finding ways to save time on indoor chores can help get you out of the house faster and back to enjoying your favorite outdoor pastimes. Tame household dust, hair and dirt in a snap this summer with these efficient and effective cleaning tips:

1. Add tech to your routine. Technology enhances dozens of other areas of daily life, so why not cleaning, too? Even better than tech that helps you clean, are smart cleaning tools that clean themselves. For example, the new Eureka Brushroll Clean vacuum’s self-cleaning technology cuts tangled hair from the brushroll with the push of a button, clearing the mess in seconds and depositing it directly into the dust cup to ensure your vacuum maintains effective, deep-cleaning suction.

2. Repel sweaty hands and scratches. Use furniture polish with a citrus base when cleaning appliances. These products create a low-friction surface that reduce scratches and leave an oily layer which keeps sweaty palms and fingerprints at bay.

3. Create an organized entryway. Make outdoor fun more accessible with a tidy entryway, mud room or coat closet. Create bins to organize all the accessories for outdoor activities: balls and gloves in one bin, swimming toys and goggles in another, and so on. 

4. Embrace shortcuts. Tools that do dual duty make cleaning more efficient so you can get back to enjoying the outdoor fun. One way to cover more ground quickly: a vacuum that allows for multi-surface cleaning, like the Eureka Brushroll Clean. It comes with All-Surface Suction Plate that raise and lower as you move across carpet, hardwood or tile floors for deep, scatter-proof cleaning.

5. Recruit a cleaning crew. Give the kids something to do this summer with a few daily chores. This will lighten your load and teach lessons of accountability and responsibility. Even little mess-makers can help with age-appropriate jobs such as picking up toys or sorting laundry by color. Create a chore chart to help keep everyone on task and ensure chores are completed in a timely fashion.

6. Create a clutter-free zone. From toys on the couch to jackets on kitchen chairs, stuff can pile up quickly. Give yourself a little breathing room and assign a special area where no personal belongings can be placed. The kitchen is a great spot to keep clutter-free so meal prep is easier and there’s a comfortable place for the family to gather.

7. Dust daily. Set aside just 10 to 15 minutes a day to properly dust one room in the home. A microfiber cloth attached to the end of a long pole with a rubber band is an easy way to reach tough spots such as light fixtures, ceilings and corners, as well as baseboards and behind heavy furniture.

With these handy tips and a technology boost from your cleaning tools, you and your kids can enjoy both a fun-filled summer and a spotless home. For more details, visit