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Upgrading your home into home sweet home
Remodeling instead of selling is gaining in popularity. - photo by Photo Contributed

Home sweet home. With more homeowners deciding to stay put in their homes, rather than attempting to sell in the current market, that old adage is more meaningful than ever.

Staying put doesn’t mean homeowners are settling. Many are upgrading or redecorating their abodes, turning their old home into the stylish - yet comfortable - home sweet home they’ve dreamed of for many years.

Upgrading and redecorating a house can be done in small steps, or in one overhaul, depending on your available time and finances, and the upgrades you want to do. For example, redesigning your kitchen with new appliances, cabinetry, flooring and wall color will require a lot more time, money and decision making on your part than redecorating a bedroom with new linens, wall color and rearranged furniture.

No matter if you want to have everything done in one large overhaul, or intend to spread your upgrades out over several years, you need to develop a working plan - one that can be constantly tweaked and updated as the project progresses. Here are some tips to get your working plan started:

• Plan on a budget. You can develop a total budget for all the work you want to do, or an annual budget, which will help you divide up all the projects so you are able to afford them over a period of time. When planning your budget, it’s a good idea to overestimate the cost of a project, just in case something unexpected pops up requiring additional cash. Many a home remodeler can tell you about the simple home improvement project that turned into something much bigger than originally anticipated.

• Set a timeline. This is to determine your availability to work on the project. If you find that you only have a day or two available, you probably will want to plan for a much smaller project. Or you may want to hire out any work you won’t be able to finish yourself.

• Make a list of equipment you need. If you’re going to be purchasing larger supplies like wood boards and drywall, you probably need to update your truck with the Adarac truck bed rack system from Access, a division of Agri-Cover, Inc. Your truck will be able to transport up to 500 pounds of home improvement supplies on the rack, which sits neatly behind the cab and secures your load with eyelets. And don’t forget about finding a secure place in your home or garage to store supplies while the project is ongoing. If you live in a home where storage is limited, consider keeping your tools in your truck bed, covered and secured with an Access tonneau cover. The cover’s locks keep your tools safe and dry until you need them, and when you’re ready to get started on the project, the tonneau truck bed cover can easily be removed, granting you access to everything.

• Ask questions. As you get started in the planning of your project, talk to friends and family who have done something similar, as well as the experts at home improvement stores. The more information you have, the more prepared you will be to address issues as they arise.

Staying in your current house and revamping it into that dream house you always wanted can really pay off. You may find yourself inviting family and friends to come and vacation at your house, so you can stay home and enjoy it.