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Are you a Stockton Ports fan?
Theres now an app for that
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STOCKTON — The Stockton Ports have launched the official Stockton Ports Tapgift application for download on the Apple App Store or Google Play. The Ports are the first Minor League Baseball Team in the country to release an application that will revolutionize fan engagement at the ballpark. Tapgift is the official gifting and fan engagement app for the Stockton Ports.

 The Ports partnered with Tapgift, a local development company out of Redwood City, to develop this unique application. Unlike most traditional baseball team applications, Ports fans will have the opportunity to “gift” food, merchandise, and beverages to other fans via the Ports Tapgift app for iPhones and Android devices.

 “One of the many great features of this application is that fans can send gifts to other fans even if they are not at the ballpark” said Luke Reiff Ports General Manager. “Friends at home can send gifts using the Tapgift mobile app or the Tapgift Web site. In addition to the gifting feature, fans have a chance to participate in exclusive events such as player meet and greets and pregame play catch events.”

Other Tapgift features include:

• Regifting: fans can collect gifts and regift them to friends;

• Text chats: fans can find friends at the game and text chat about the action on the field

• Special offers: fans can receive, share, and redeem special offers directly from the Ports

• Pre-purchasing: fans can pre-purchase items to save for use throughout the season