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Cars Etc delivers unique, custom experiences
Owner of Cars Etc Rigo Arteaga poses with his latest innovation for a client: a 1957 Chevy Bel-Air converted into a couch. I like to call this vintage automobile furniture, even the lights are functional, Arteaga said. - photo by Photo Contributed

Locals looking for custom work on their car can drive on over to Cars Etc, a one-stop shop for body work, detailing and everything in between.

Located in Turlock, Rigo Areteaga of Cars Etc is the kind of owner that will tackle any kind of job that comes his way.

Whether its resoration work or collision repair, installing an air conditioning system in an old vehicle or repairing fiberglass on a 1950s corvette, Areteaga lives up to his business’s name at Cars Etc.

“I don’t like to say no to a challenge,” said Arteaga.

While Cars Etc does offer custom jobs for various vehicle details, Artega also takes on special projects, such as when customers bring in vintage cars they would like restored. 

Clients often bring in their favorite cars from high school hoping to restore them and even update them with an air conditioning system and more. While some are looking to drive down memory lane in their favorite models, others prefer to keep their vehicles in pristine condition for shows.

“It depends on what the client needs and then we set up a budget,” explained Arteaga. “Are they going to drive it or is it going to sit in a show room where they are going to put it on a pedastool, because then the details must be even more precise. It just depends.” 

Arteaga will even take on the more unusual requests, such as a client’s desire to have their favorite car turned into a couch. With plush leather and clean lines, Artega found the requested vehicle, a 1957 Chevy Bel-Air, and not only turned the frame into a couch but kept the authenticity of the vehicle, allowing his client to relive the old days without leaving his living room.

“I like to call this vintage automobile furniture, even the lights are functional,” said Arteaga.