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Cocoro is better than sex
Customers near and far rave about the sushi they found on Stocktons Miracle Mile
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Cocoro Bistro & Sushi Bar is a popular dining spot in Stocktons Miracle Mile. - photo by Photo Contributed


• PLACE: Cocoro Bistro & Sushi Bar

• LOCATION: 2105 Pacific Ave. Stockton (Cocoro’s To Go can be found at 3499 Brookside Rd. Stockton). 

• HOW TO GET THERE: From Highway 99, take Hammer Lane exit and travel west to Pacific Avenue. Turn left, going south on Pacific, traveling past Delta College and the University of the Pacific en route to the Miracle Mile.

• OTHER SUSHI CHOICES: The California Roll, the Real California Roll, Nova Scotia Roll, Spicy Salmon Roll, Golden Prawn Roll, Tempura Roll, Asparagus Roll, Katsu Roll, Vegetarian Roll among others.

• HOURS: Mondays through Saturdays, 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. (lunch), 5:30 to 9 p.m. (dinner). Closed on Sunday.

• INFORMATION:  Ph. 209.941.6053 or log on to

When it comes to sushi, everybody has their favorite place and go-to dish.

A good number of folks from Stockton and even beyond the 209 are quick to single out Cocoro Japanese Bistro & Sushi Bar at 2105 Pacific Ave.

The atmosphere at this Miracle Mile establishment has been described as small but very open and clean with an outdoor dining option.

Cocoro’s To Go at 3499 Brookside Road is also available for those looking for take-out food for lunch or dinner.

Both offer the same menu featuring a large array of sushi choices.

“Great sushi,” said Matthew of Stockton. “I went here with a huge group and they were fast, efficient, and the sushi specialties were amazing.”

Gayle of Lodi likes the Spicy Crunchy Scallop Roll. A look in the menu describes this choice as “spicy tuna, avocado & tempura asparagus roll topped with tempura scallops, tobiko, and house sauces.”

What about taste?

“The crunch comes from the fried scallops,” she said. “Yes, (it’s) fried but really tasty.

“The second sauce adds a touch of sweet – all in all, very flavorful (and) our favorite sushi.”

 Steven of Modesto was greatly entertained when he asked his server about the BTS roll.

“She leaned in and said ‘Better Than Sex – but for the younger crowd we say it means Back to School,’” he recalled. “I think I got hit a couple of times while she laughed uncontrollably.”

The BTS roll, by the way, consists of tempura smoked salmon, jalapeno, scallop with variety of fish, house dressing, teriyaki dressing, red onion, cucumber, avocado, tobiko, and chili oil.

Asked about her favorite sushi choices at Cocoro’s, Tiffany of Santa Clara was quick to rattle off her list – Shell Crab and Eel Roll (soft-shell crab and avocado roll topped with eel, snow crab, tempura pits, house dressing and teriyaki), Coco Roll (prawn tempura and avocado roll topped with eel, spicy tuna and walnuts), and Rainbow Roll (imitation crab and avocado roll topped with tuna, salmon, ebi, yellow fish and eel).

She also provided some pointers for those coming here for the first time.

“The menu doesn’t have pictures. If you don’t know what to order just look around and see what everyone else is ordering,” Tiffany said.

She called Cocoro pricey, but didn’t hesitate to say, but “the best sushi in Stockton, in my opinion.”