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Dawson hopes there will be biopic about Dolores Huerta
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NEW YORK (AP) — Playing renowned civil rights activist Dolores Huerta in the new biopic “Cesar Chavez” doesn’t seem to be enough for Rosario Dawson. The actress, who knows and has worked with Huerta, would now like to bring her friend’s life to the screen.

“What’s really remarkable about this movie is that it really shows how women, specially his wife, were such a big part of (Chavez’s) life and how broad the community was of people that made this movement possible,” Dawson said. “He was a very sort of reluctant hero, he wasn’t the best orator, speaker, speechwriter or any of these different things, but his message was really clear — he was speaking for himself, for his family and for the greater community.”

Huerta is just the opposite, Dawson said: “I think they really balance each other out and I think having women be such a huge part of the movement is what helped it to stay non-violent and I just really credit (director Diego Luna) for making a film that really shows how many people were part of it and specially those women.”