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Water level may be low, but lake still great place to fish, hike, camp & ski
Lake Don Pedro offers locals a cool way to beat the heat whether that is water sports or taking advantage of the swimming hole. - photo by Photo contributed by

Lake Don Pedro is a favorite summer hotspot for locals looking to beat the heat and enjoy several activities lakeside but this year the ongoing drought has posed a small impact on the lake’s recreational facilities.

Many people go to Lake Don Pedro to hike, fish, camp and engage in water sports such skiing, sail boating, swimming and to enjoy houseboat rentals, especially during the Lake’s busiest season between Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. However, individuals looking to enjoy their Fourth of July weekend at Lake Don Pedro may want to reconsider as the annual fireworks show has been cancelled due to the drought.

“The only real casualty of the drought really is the fireworks,” said Calvin Curtin, public information officer at Turlock Irrigation District. “We traditionally have a fireworks show on the Fourth of July but because of the surface acreage of the lake it just doesn’t provide enough area for a fall out zone for the fireworks. We don’t feel it is safe which is the main thing.”

Even though the water is lower than it has been in the past, causing houseboats in the Moccasin Point Marina to be moved to deeper water, there are still ample ways to enjoy Lake Don Pedro. Whether that is going for a dip in the swimming lagoon or posting up at Blue Oaks Campground, Lake Don Pedro is open and functioning for locals from all areas to enjoy.