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Flipping for milkshakes on Stockton and Lodi
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Have you ever tried a Nutella banana milkshake?

If not, you’ve never been to Flip’s Burger in Stockton.

Nutella, a delicious hazelnut spread, is blended in with scoops of vanilla and chocolate ice cream coupled with bananas.

“Nutella shake is so amazing, I had to get one more to go,” said Dat V. of San Jose during his recent visit to Flip’s.

He’s been a regular of this neighborhood burger joint at 2503 Waterloo Road for years, ordering up the Nutella milkshake to go with his Royal Burger and basket fries.

 “I’m a sucker for the thick Nutella shake,” added Stephanie, who also calls herself a regular customer. “All the shakes are really good (but) I get the small which is still pretty generous in size.”

Not too long ago, Flip’s underwent new management.

No problem.

“It was exactly the same as I remembered it that first time Flip’s was introduced to the world,” Vat said.

For that matter, Ryan of Lathrop also came more than just satisfied with the Cap N Crunch.

“It was a very thick milkshake – I couldn’t use the straw they gave me so I had to use a spoon,” he said.

Flip’s along with the Creamery at 5756 Pacific Ave. make their milkshakes the old fashion way, using actual ice cream scoops.

If rocky road you like, try the Creamery’s rock road milkshake.

Richard of Valley Springs raved about his fresh banana milkshake, calling it “amazing.”

The Creamery has a variety of milkshakes in which to choose.

“It that’s what you’re craving, this is the place,” said Jessica of Fremont. “It’s nothing out of the ordinary but your palette will be pleased.”

She’s partial to the malt milkshake.

The Creamery does a great job with the old standbys – chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

Dale of Stockton enjoyed an “extra-thick” chocolate milkshake.

“If you never had a shake here, stop by and have one. The Creamery is the kind of place that gives you the (stainless steel) container to go with the shake – I was able to knock out at least an additional two glasses,” he said.

When it comes to milkshakes, the Creamery and Flip’s offer a tasty variety. Not bad for these hot summer days.


The best milkshakes in town can be found at the Velvet Creamery at 1421 S. Ham Ln.

Amanda ordered up an Oreo milkshake served up in a classic glass coupled with the stainless steel blending cup. “It was all homemade and the best milkshake I’ve ever had,” she said.

Chris of Rocklin also raved about the milkshakes, simply calling them “incredible.”

Moo Moo’s Burger Barn at 113 N. School St. gets high marks as well.

Patrons call the milkshakes great and the atmosphere fun.

“Mint milkshakes…yum, yum,” said Jocelynn, who is one of the regulars.