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Green Grub
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For over a year, Green Grub in Turlock has been satisfying the appetites of vegetarians by providing delicious and healthy options for their sandwiches, salads, and drinks.

With an impressive amount of alternatives already, the restaurant is just getting started. Owner Susete Oliveira is already planning to expand the menu to include even more options for vegetarians. 

Oliveira bought the establishment when it was still the House of Java, House of Yogurt too. However, when Oliveira noticed the growing prevalence of yogurt vendors in the area, she decided to transform the building into a restaurant with healthier options for consumers.

Oliveira admitted that she likes to be healthy, and she believes that the convenience of her restaurant helps others become healthy too.

“I think that too many people are not educated on what healthy is and they usually don’t have the time to figure it out,” said Oliveira. “I’m not doing anything that you can’t do at home — I’m just offering you the convenience.”

When it comes to sandwiches, vegetarians can opt for something grilled, such as the crowd favorite Super Veggie Chipotle Burger, or choose something on the chilled side, like the Natural High sandwich. The restaurant also has mouthwatering melts, such as the Vegetarian Paradise Melt and the Veggie Melt.

In addition to sandwiches and burgers, Green Grub also offers alternatives for their salad menu as well, including the appetizing Caprese Salad and the delectable Portobello and Quinoa Salad. Oliveira plans to contribute some more additions to her salad menu for vegetarians, including a Kale Quinoa Salad and a Black Bean Salad.

Green Grub also took breakfast options into consideration when it came to their “Morning Small Bites” menu with their Good Morning Veggie Melt and their vegetarian quiche as a specialty. However, Oliveira says that the restaurant will soon be incorporating acai bowls onto their menu — an option she thinks will be the perfect breakfast item for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

“Bowls are new to the area, no one is offering them” said Oliveira. “I think they’re really awesome. They’re like breakfast in a bowl.”

For those looking for something cool to drink on a hot day, Green Grub has a full drink menu to quench their thirst. When it comes to drinks that include protein, The Healthy Nut takes the title of crowd favorite. However, for those just looking for a refreshing smoothie without the extra boost, the Leafy Berry Blast presents a healthy and satisfying option for consumers.

Green Grub’s full menu is available online at The restaurant is open Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information, call 209.667.4131.

To get to Green Grub take Highway 99 South to the West Monte Vista Avenue exit. Turn left onto West Monte Vista Avenue, and then turn right onto Geer Road. Green Grub is located at 2922 Geer Road in the Blossom Valley Plaza.