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Kids costumes: Man eating sharks to skeleton suits
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Norma Correa has been out shopping around for Halloween costumes for her kids.

The Stockton mother of four – she and her husband Tony are expecting child No. 5 in the spring – has been out and about, dropping in at Spirit Halloween in the College Square Shopping Center.

“Every (costume) is $50 or more,” Correa said.

But that’s just for starts. She listed out accessorizing the costume – especially for her 15-year-old daughter Samantha – and how the cost further adds up.

There’s ways to getting around that.

Marco, 13, wants a skeleton suit similar to that of the Cobra Kai bullies in original Karate Kid movie. The authentic spandex-type one can be purchased online via for $78.99.

 Norma thought about getting tights for her boy and making the costume at home.

Costumes from the Karate Kid continue to be a popular item come Halloween. A Daniel San karate gi is available for $58.99 at the online store as is the matching Cobra Kai gi ($58.99) and Johnny wig ($9.99).

A Daniel san wig ($6.99) and Mr. Miyagi headband ($6.99) are among the other accessory items from the original 1984 flick.

Super hero costumes are also hot ticket items for Halloween.

Brandon, who is No. 3 in the Correa household pecking order, is looking at becoming The Hulk from the Marvel Comic superhero universe. The 8-year-old is looking at the one at the local Spirit Halloween store – he’ll not only wear it when Trick-or-Treating for candies and other goodies but for the family Halloween party afterwards.

Besides The Hulk, Spirit Halloween also features costumes for the Black Widow, Superman, Batman, Ironman, Captain America, Spiderman, the Mighty Thor, and some of the X-Men.

Finally, there’s 5-year-old Jordan, who is also known by the family as “Sharknado.”

No surprise that the kindergartner wants to be a shark for Halloween.

There’s a variety of shark costumes at Spirit Halloween. A child shark costume, for starters, can be had for $34.99. That’s not to be confused with a Man Eating Shark ($49.99), Hammerhead Shark ($39.99), or the Shark Attack Adult ($59.99) costumes.

More information on these costumes and others can be obtained by logging on to