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Ripons path to wellness for mind & body
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Ripon Wellness Center offers a path to wellness eliminating anxiety from the mind and body in the process of therapeutic massage as will be exemplified in an all-day symposium today at the Ripon Community Center that expects to draw some 200 people.
Owner Jennifer Komatsu said that once the body and nervous system are relaxed followed by a warm bath and a massage of Holy Basil so much can be changed for the better in the bodies of their clientele.
“We want to look at people from the whole body so we can find underlying causes that lead to diseases,” she said.  “We are seen as the little gem in the Central Valley from the smells to the ambiance we can provide.  We are the best part of everyone’s day because we rejuvenate mind, body and soul. We are like a big family here because we support each other emotionally.”
She said everyone is invited to just drop in whenever they wish and have a hot cup of tea or just to chat and clear their minds and even get a hug if they feel in need of encouragement because of a bad day. 
Today’s symposium will open with registration at 8 a.m. and continue until 5 p.m. with lunch served at noon.  There will be a number of speakers with some 25 vendors expected to attend offering their natural products or services.
“When people leave our center they feel like they have been transformed for the better and are taught how to continue self-therapy at home, Komatsu said. “Sometimes just being around positive people lifts you.  We give love here.  We embrace it all coming from our heart and soul all about well-being for the whole unit.
“We have people who need some quiet time for 10 or 15 minutes in my “zin zone” and have a cup of tea and unwind. When you’re having a hard day, we are here for you,” she said.
Mary Hager of Ripon is a regular who has been totally transformed at the center and was ready to sing its praises this week. 
“I love coming here,” she said. “I come as soon as they open and often stay around when done with my massage and stay around for an hour drinking tea.  When I started getting massages I was getting sinus problems and back aches.  They took care of both through their massages,” she said.  Mary, 58, a retired Stanislaus County court reporter, said the massages are mentally and physically relaxing.
Komatsu noted that her therapists do a lot of energy work that releases bottled up components that need to be released.  With an estimated 500 clients monthly, she said they examine the whole body and the adjoining muscles to see what could be affecting that particular area. 
The Natural Path Wellness Center was established in Ripon some four years ago.