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Jennelle, a third-grade student at McParland Elementary School in Manteca, sports her back-to-school outfit from Decadent clothing, with shoe and backpack from Justice. - photo by Photo Contributed

Jeni Zyski just finished back-to-school shopping for her daughter, Jennelle.

The youngster will be a third-grade student at McParland Elementary School in Manteca.

“She’s a little nervous since she’ll be going to big campus,” said Zyski.

Jennelle was at the McParland Annex since kindergarten.

Her daughter is all but ready for the first day of school on Thursday.

She’s looking forward to sporting her new backpack purchased from one of her favorite stores, Justice. This children’s store at Stadium Center in Manteca carries the latest in fashions for that “tween” girl, according to Zyski.

She’s also well versed in the Manteca Unified dress code.

“I agree with it,” said Zyski, who really didn’t worry too much about the dress codes in her days having attended private school.

She allows Jennelle to pick out her back-to-school clothes.

“Her favorite color is blue,” Zyski said. “She’s into the girlie stuff and fascinated with elephants and anything to do with Paris (France).

“Last year, she liked anything from (the musical) ‘Annie.’”

In order to save a few extra bucks, Jeni Zyski managed to get online deals with major retailers such as JC Penney’s and Kohl’s.

“Text or email – it makes it easier to shop for back-to-school clothes these days,” she said.

Penney’s, for example, featured the wonderful selection for girls, including the latest rage – cuffed denim shorts and flowy tops and shirts.

The same goes for boys, with Penney’s at the Promenade Shops at Orchard Valley featuring a large assortment of trendy shirts and pants.

Kohl’s at Stadium Center, like Penney’s, offers the popular brand name and styles when it comes to shoe wear as well as clothing.

Jennelle, in preparation for the new school year, has kept her mind busy this summer with her twice-a-day reading habit while keeping up on her multiplications for math.