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Season ticket holder Q&A: The Potten family
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STOCKTON — Garry and Becky Potten have been season ticket holders since the Ports moved to Banner Island Ballpark in 2005, but their love for sports has a greater history.

This history ranges from Becky watching the Ports since she was 5 to meeting Garry after a hockey game.  Opening Day is an event many fans are looking forward to and we wanted to know what keeps the Pottens coming back every year. We further explore what they are looking forward to this upcoming season and wonderful memories from past seasons.

Q: How did you guys meet?

(Becky’s) A: At a hockey ring in Stockton. But, he’s from Canada and I’m from Stockton.

(Garry’s) A: I was playing. Stockton had a team at the time. Mostly college players and some military people that were stationed in Sacramento, from back east or Canada, at the time. We had a league, and I was at school and we met after a hockey game at a skate around.

Q: How many years have you two been married?

(Becky’s) A: 43

Q: We have 24 days until we play ball. What are you looking forward to the most?

(Garry’s) A: Opening day. July 4th is always fun. Those are good days. Firework nights.

Q: What about the food?

(Garry’s) A: Best hot dog in town right here. It’s not the regular hot dog.

Q: What’s the best food you’ve eaten at The Club besides the sausage dog?

(Garry’s) A: Tri-tip. Whoever does the barbecuing there does a good job.

(Becky’s) A: Great burgers. All around good food.

Q: What is it about coming to the ballpark you guys truly enjoy?

(Garry’s) A:  We have four season tickets and we have a group of us that share them. The really nice thing is if you don’t use your tickets you can trade them in for another game, so they’re not lost. So, you get to socialize. We’re in The Club, they have a nice bar. The food’s good. It’s clean, it’s secure. I love it.

(Becky’s) A: Or you can bring other people with you that haven’t gone to ballgames before and that’s fun too.

Q:  Who has been your favorite player over the years?

(Garry’s) A:  I like (Max) Stassi. I think he’s a good ball player.  There have been so many of them, though, that have come through here.

Q: Any fond memories here at the ballpark?

(Garry’s) A: It seems that almost every year since you’ve had a ball team here, one of the last games here is my birthday. Last year, we had a party out in the parking lot and you folks were kind enough to set up tables for us and get a couple of umbrellas because it was hot. I don’t know how many people we had, 30 people.

Q: We appreciate you guys sharing your experiences. It tells us we are doing our job.

(Garry’s) A: If anyone hasn’t come out here they should. We know people that we’ve brought out last year, first time they’ve been here, they said, “we didn’t even know this existed.” I’m going, “you kidding me?”  All the people that work here have been really nice to us. Everybody. We know the people that work the gates and the tickets.

(Becky’s) A: Our friends from Canada , they come down and visit all the time, when they’re here the ask, “Are we going to a Ports game?” They love it and they’re from a big city and they think this is great.

Q: How does a Ports game compare to the big leagues?

(Garry’s) A: I like it better than the big leagues actually. It’s more intimate. The players, if they stay here long enough, you develop a relationship. All the seats are good because we’ve sat everywhere and they’re all good seats.

(Becky’s) A: And you’re not so far away as a real ballpark. You’re closer to them