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Sweet Deals
Turlock Flea Market connects generations within family, while allowing another to reach a large cons
Jackie and Jose Muoz reach a wider audience of potential customers by selling jewelry at the Turlock Flea Market. - photo by ALYSSON AREDAS

The Linn family’s involvement with the Turlock Flea Market starts with William Leonard Linn in 1938. William Leonard Linn opened the Turlock Auction Yard and managed it until it slowly evolved into the flea market it is today. Now operated by his grandchildren Scott and Susan Linn, and his great grandson David Linn, the Turlock flea market has successfully tied itself to the Linn name. 

David Linn’s three children will soon constitute the fifth generation of Linns in charge of the flea market.

“It really is kind of neat to have the fifth generation coming in,” said David Linn. “It truly is a family affair.” 

Every Tuesday, an average of 300 to 500 vendors from all over the state arrive at the empty lot on the corner of Johnson Road and East Avenue to sell an eclectic array of products. Vendors sell everything from toilet paper to T-shirts, with a variety that rivals Target according to Linn. 

Buyers do not go to the flea market just for the great deals, however. The food alone is enough to encourage anyone to go. When asked about his favorite food vendor at the market, Linn couldn’t choose between the Chinese dishes, tacos, or fresh made churros. 

“The food is really good, it’s outstanding,” said Linn. “You really have to try them out for yourself.” 

Jackie and Jose Muñoz have just recently started selling jewelry at the flea market. Although they only sell jewelry at the moment, they hope to expand to more items in the future. 

“We reach a lot more people here at the flea market,” said Jackie Muñoz. “This flea market is good for the community, especially for those with a set income, because they can get fruit, vegetables, and clothing for cheaper.”

Linn echoed Muñoz’s sentiments about the low prices of items sold at the flea market each Tuesday.

 “The flea market saves you a crazy amount of money,” said Linn. “If you need something, you’re going to find it at the flea market. All it really costs is your time.” 

The Turlock Flea Market takes place between 4 a.m. and 4 p.m. every Tuesday. To get there from the 99, take the Main Street exit towards Central Turlock, turn left on West Main Street, turn right on South Golden State Boulevard, and then left onto East Avenue.  

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