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Take off into the 209 sky at Modesto Aviation
Ralph Sauceda, founder of Modesto Aviation, Inc., offers a Discovery Flight program for those who may be considering getting a pilots license. - photo by Nancy Angel

MODESTO — Summer is in the air and the weather is looking better every day. It’s the perfect time to take on a new adventure. Why not learn to fly?

Modesto Aviation is a great place to get your wings. Founded in 2009 by Ralph Sauceda, Modesto Aviation Inc. is a flight training, aircraft rental, pilot supply and service facility.

“Modesto Aviation offers a fun and affordable way to make anyone’s flying dreams come true,” said Sauceda. “Our philosophy is that all of our flying expertises provide you with the best service. From the moment you arrive at Modesto Aviation you will notice the highest level of professionalism, efficiency and safety.”

 Whether you’re a beginning or experienced flyer, Modesto Aviation offer a variety of services to fit everyone’s specific needs.

“We pride ourselves in our experiences and the staff we have available,” said Sauceda. “Our instructors have over 50 years of experienced combined and have trained hundreds of pilots over the years. Our aircraft is also maintained to FFA standards.”

Wonder how it feels like to be in the pilot seat? Modesto Aviation offers a fun and affordable way to make dreams come true through the Discovery Flight deal.

“Our instructors give a tour of our facilities and through a preflight briefing,” said Sauceda. “You will learn many interesting facts about aircraft to see if piloting is right for you. Your instructor will also guide you through a preflight inspection, engine start and taxi to the active runway. You then take off for a 30-minute-hands-on training flight. It’s an amazing feeling.”

Modesto Aviation also offers quality aircraft maintenance for airplanes and helicopters.

Modesto Aviation also provides private, instrument and commercial pilot certification. For more information call 577-4000.

By Nancy Angel
209 staff reporter