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Technology sets new curve in archery
The standard recurve bow has seen resurgence thanks to movies like The Hunger Games and other Hollywood productions. They are still popular with amateur target shooters and those just getting into the sport. - photo by Photo Contributed

Nock the arrow. Pull back. Release. They’re the same basic steps that thousands of people that attended camp as kids took during an activity that was always one of the most popular. But those standard “recurve” bows – that straight piece of fiberglass bent when a high-tension cable is attached at either end – have given way to much more sophisticated and accurate equipment that is not at all unlike the guns that they’re supposed to replace.

A wheel and cable system ratchets up the amount of tension that the bow is capable of producing, and targeting sights attached to the handle and the cable gives the shooter the opportunity to be deadly accurate from tree stands, bush cover and the practice lanes needed to dial everything in.

They’re even outfittable with triggers.

In lieu of the old-fashioned pulling-with-two-fingers approach, modern bow-hunters use a wrist attachment that clasps to the cable and allows them to pull back and use a finger release when they’re ready to let the arrow rip.

It’s a unique approach, and one that works very, very well.

If you’re looking for local places to pick up equipment and hit either the lanes or a California hunting zone, here are a few places you’re going to want to visit before you go.



Sportsmen’s Club

So the indoor thing isn’t striking your fancy?

You’re looking for something a little bit more “authentic” – an experience much more like what you remember from the first time that you picked up a bow, or what you’re planning to do in the future.

A combination of traditional and 3-D targets – both standard block targets and animal-shaped targets perfect for hunters looking to perfect their targeting for that perfect kill – makes up the course. 

Practice lanes vary from 20 yards to 50 yards and field lanes from 10 yards to 80 yards.

A variety of special archery events are held every year, including 3-D target shoots and traditional trail shoots held in conjunction with the annual Black Powder Rendezvous.

ADDRESS: 30261 South Airport Way, Manteca. PHONE: 209.823.7919.


Bass Pro Shops

Arguably of the largest archery stores in the South County, Bass Pro is not your grandfather’s archery store.

This is where you go if you’re looking for The Terminator of bows.

Compound setups of every size and color – allowing the most hardcore hunters to blend in to their surroundings – adorn multiple rows of bows, while everything from arrows and accessories to tips and targets comprise the other portion of that store section.

And it’s popular. An indoor testing range is available for those who want to make sure that the bow that they’re purchasing works as advertised, and regular customers can cough up $8 a half-hour to come in and test their own equipment.

ADDRESS: 1356 Bass Pro Drive, Manteca. P