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Theyre toasting 2012 with family
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McManis Family Winery owners Jamie and Ron McManis in the lobby of their Ripon winery showing off a saddle they won at a Houston, TX Livestock and Rodeo Show. - photo by GLENN KAHL

Ron and Jamie McManis are best friends – owners of McManis Family Winery – and readily admit they are a long married couple, obviously still very much in love with each other and with life.

Working together at the Ripon facility on River Road with their son Justin and daughter Tanya,  they value their New Years’ celebration as a time to be close to home and toast with their favorite sparkling wine, champagne,  from Napa – Domain Chandon.

“What New Years means to us is just looking back at the previous year and realizing what we can do better.  We are very focused on our business and the new Jack Tone Box Wine that comes in a three liter box – already shipping some to Canada,” she said.

She stressed that she and her husband Ron are counting their blessings as they have been looking at some of the things that have been happening in the world.

“There are not a lot of family wine makers in the world anymore,” she pointed out.  While she relishes some of the past New Years’ celebrations, she stressed that it is all about family in this time of their lives.

“We used to go out and go to Tahoe and to Vegas and do all that, but family is still important and our kids still enjoy being around us – which is kinda nice,” Jamie said.  “We are all very fortunate.  We’ve all got our health and we know we’ve got a good family and our business is doing well and we’ve got lots of good friends.”

The McManis family takes a yearly trip to Maui, Hawaii after harvest.  For a dream New Year’s Eve she said it would have to be a gathering of family and friends celebrating in the islands to turn out the old and to usher in the New Year.

“It would be the warm weather, getting out of the fog,” she said.

But for this year the family is excited to be celebrating at home once again to ring in the New Year in Ripon.  Ron and Jamie are cooking a variety of food including their favorite Cioppino.

“The kids bring their friends over and we are all together at midnight – that makes me feel so much better if they are close to home and knowing everybody is going to be safe and sound,” she said.  The McManises are expecting to have about 10 or 12 in the home for the late night festivities.

As for a resolution for 2012, Jamie said it would probably be to lose 10 pounds before her daughter’s wedding next year.

— Glenn Kahl

Bulletin reporter