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Turlock native peddles past fitness doubts
Robert Bell has shed 90 pounds since starting cycling four years ago as a way to meet his fitness goals. - photo by Photo Contributed

What started as a fitness resolution soon became the pride of the Turlock community as Bell Real Estate owner Robert Bell launched a cycling team that promotes community involvement, team camaraderie, and charity.

But things were not always up to speed for Bell. The 42-year-old said that before constructing a recreationally competitive cycling team, he struggled with his weight.

“Before riding, I was 276 or 277 pounds,” Bell said. “That was the largest I had ever been. I didn’t realize how I felt before I started cycling. My body wasn’t used to working out and it didn’t notice what I was doing wrong.”

Bell’s prior lifestyle didn’t include much physical activity or dietary supplements. His resolution was based on a whim to cycle, and before he knew it, he was enjoying himself.

He began to cycle for fitness and fun in his first year before actively competing in races and sponsoring other teams for the last three years.

“I probably lost 50 pounds my first year. For me, it was a lifestyle change. I didn’t know I wasn’t feeling good until I made the changes. Now my body feels better and sleeps better,” said Bell.

After realizing how much talent was located in the Valley, Bell took his fitness routine to the next level by rounding up his own local team to promote the City of Turlock.

Local businesses, including Bell’s Real Estate, support the cycling team as they attempt to raise money for charity to supply the Turlock Sunrise Rotary.

Bell believes that friends and support are a factor that goes into weight loss, and hanging around the wrong friends can disturb your fitness routine, or curb your enthusiasm.

“Once you go out into that community, there is peer pressure to help another out and obtain your goals. There is positive peer pressure from the group that you associate with. My teammates helped me,” he said.

Bell is proud of his success, and has shed 90 pounds since his initial endeavor to change his fitness routine four years ago. Bell believes that with hard work and dedication, it is possible to change your lifestyle, but cautions fitness seekers to be realistic about the changes they want to make.

“My recommendation for someone wanting to lose weight is that you have to find something you love. You need to experiment. You have to like what you are doing, or you’ll burn out,” he said. “You have to allow yourself some cheats. Depriving yourself is not a solution either. Start with small steps.”

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