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Yesterdays Books are todays treasures
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MODESTO – They’re always the heaviest boxes that nobody ever wants to take with them when they move.
But whether you’ve collected them for years or acquired them from family members who did exactly that, there’s something unique about keeping books – vessels of information that have expanded more minds than the internet ever could.
And while the internet has cut into brick-and-mortar stores and specifically those that sell discounted or second-hand books, there are still a number of stores that specialize in repurposing books for people who are looking to add to their existing collections, pick something up for a class or just find something that they don’t want to pay full price for.
“The thing I like about used books is that they’ve already been read by somebody, and sometimes by multiple people, “ said Modesto resident Jane Symons outside of the popular Yesterday’s Books used bookstore on McHenry Avenue. “And I like to think about how each of those people had a different story or a different reason for picking that particular book.
“And then I get the chance to read it and become a part of that chain and that’s not something you can feel when you buy it straight off the shelf.”
According to Symons, who said she has an extensive collection of books at her home but also freely trades in certain titles that she reads, she can’t bring herself to consume her information through a digital form – shutting down the idea than iPad or a Kindle could ever replace her extensive collection.
Even places like Barnes and Nobles have gotten into the e-reader field – with nearly every store featuring a kiosk to test-drive their Nook device intended to compete with Amazon’s Kindle and the Apple iPad.
There’s just something magical, she said, about turning the physical pages and then taking the book once finished and putting it back onto the shelf where she can see it.
“If I went that route then all the books I have on the shelves would fit into the palm of my hand,” she said. “I’ve been collecting them since I was a teenager, and can’t ever see myself giving up an actual book in my hands.”
If you’re looking to build up a collection of your own, or add something new to your existing one, here are some places in Modesto you can visit:
uYESTERDAY’S BOOKS – Located near the intersection of Standiford and McHenry Avenues, this Modesto landmark specializes in used books, out of print books and collectibles. And on top of having an extensive collection on hand, they’re also constantly having new books come through the door which are either sold or traded in for credit, so even if they don’t have what the customer is looking for they will gladly call when it comes in. 3457 McHenry Avenue. 209.521.9623.
uBONANZA BOOKS AND COMICS – If it’s comics or graphic novels that you’re looking for – or fiction works ranging the gamut from fantasy to sci-fi – then this McHenry Avenue hub is the place you’re looking for. With a steady stream of regular customers, new material is always coming in and special orders are available if something specific isn’t available. 2308 McHenry Avenue. 209.529.0415.
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