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$108K raised for Manteca races
Donations shatter previous record set in 2002

A record $108,749 has been raised so far in Manteca’s city council and mayoral races.

Donations collected as of Sept. 30 eclipsed the previous record of $100,256 spent on the 2002 races that saw a hotly contested campaign between then incumbent Mayor Carlon Perry and challenger Willie Weatherford. This year’s races by comparison are relatively low key.

Statements filed Monday with the city clerk’s office shows that as of Sept. 30 Steve DeBrum has raised $37,774; Vince Hernandez, $26,729; Mike Morowit, $19,790; Richard Silverman, $18,857; and Ben Cantu, $5,599. DeBrum and Cantu are vying for the mayor’s post Weatherford is vacating. The other three are competing for two open council seats in the Nov. 4 election.

All donations of $100 or more from any specific group, individual, business or organization must be reported under California law. Donations of $99 and less do not have to be reported.

DeBrum’s contributors include:

• $1,500: TX3 Enterprises, LLC

• 1,250: Roger Hartley

• $1,000: W/L Harris Properties, Casino Real, Olsen for Assembly, Armelin Amaral Dairy, George Perry & Sons, Edward Nunes Dairy, Brocchini Farms

• $800: Two Guys Food & Fuel, Manteca Mart owner Gurninder Singh

• $500: MNB Express, Chadha Construction, Ronald Cheek Corp., Castelanelli Brothers, Silva Brothers Dairy, Tuff Boy Leasing, Sansar Indian Cuisine, DHoot Brothers Partnership, Vanco Truck & Auto Plaza, Ruan Transportation Carl and Susan Vander Schaaf, Manteca Trailer & Motorhome

• $450: 2Q Farming, Knife River Construction

• $325: Brocchini Family Partnership

• $300: Harpreet Singh, Country Mart Gas & Food, Awnie Ammar, Peggy Thompson

• $275: MCR Engineering

• $250: Ed Machado Dairy, Amar Singh, Anthony Barkett, William Filios, John and Joan Coburn

• $200: George and Gloria Soares, Western Singh Brokers, Interstate Enterprises, One Stop Market, W&J Dairy

• $150: Tubbs & Electric

• $125: Jo-D Properties, Lynda Ives, Grupe Commercial, Art & Jennifer Nunes, Kevin and Diane Wentworth, Rick and Mikki Riella, Case & Christine Van Steyn, Ken Hafer, Van Ryn Brothers

• $100: Omar Trucking, Balwant & Lakvinder Sandu, Amar Singh, Harkomal Singh, Manteca Family Chiropractic, Ethan Ives, Fred Millner, Don and Sharon Busser, Arshpreet Singh, Tower Mart Liquors, Alyce Luis, Tallerico Family Limited Partnership, Cardoza Enterprises, Crystal Downs Insurance Agency

• • •

Cantu’s donations include: 

• $1,000: La Super Altena Market

• $500: Anthony Halloway, DIYA LCC, Grow Elect

• $250: Bruce Lowensbery

• $150: Lyndel Grosskopf

• $100: Marie Raymus

• • •

Hernandez’s donations include:

• $1,000: TX2 Ent. LLC, Tuff Boy Leasing

• $635: William Filios

• $550: Ron Cheek Corp., Wentworth Properties

• $500: TR Land Co., Daryll Quersma, Knife River Construction, Frontiers, Fiore Development, Riella Farms

• $250: Jeff Shields, Nolte & Associates, Nicholas Tejeda, T. Ryamus/A. Sephos, Dino Cunial, Robert Raymus, Gurminder Singh, Two Guys Food & Fuel, Dorothy DeCosta

• $100: Jacqueline Brietenbucher, A.M. Luis, Steve DeBrum, Randolph Blackwood, Sheri Coburn

• • •

Morowit’s donations include:

• $1,150: TX3 ENT LLC, 

• $1,000: Casino Real, Tuff Boy Leasing, Manteca Development Group

• $500: Manteca Development Group, Hakeem Ellis & Morengo, William Filios, JADD Properties, Demetrios Filios, Northstar Engineering Group, Albert and Marianne Boyce, Larry and Georgann Anderson, Manteca Sundance Properties, George Perry & Sons, David and Jennifer Bernhard, TR Land Company

• $400: Knife River Construction

• $350: MCR Engineering

• $300: Riella Ranches, Bobby Shaw

• $250: Brocchini Family Partnership, Toni Raymus, Bob Raymus, Andrew Sephos, Larry Solari, D. Hogan Drywall, Ray Uecker Construction, Dale Russell, Gunsch Electric, Robert Barre

• $200: Ronald L. Cheek Corp., Gurminder Singh, Frank Lambert, Don and Donna Little, Daryll and Diane Quaresma, Awnie Ammar

• $199: Lorina Little

• $150: Baldev Singh, Eric and Jeanette Hayes

• $100: Gene Paradela, Stephen and Thaera Schuler, Heather Pereza, Suzanne Clemens, Clyde Walther, Juice and Java Express, JO-D Properties, Jeffrey Zellner, Armajit Dhaliwal, Jeff Shields, John DeLuca, Shot Gun Johnny’s Fiore Development 

• • •

Silverman’s contributions include:

• $1,000: TX3 Ent. LCC, Olsen for Assembly, Charles Munger Jr.

• $750: Manteca Development Group

• $500: Tuff Boy Leasing, George Perry & Sons, Frontiers, Ken Vogel for Assembly, Susan Vander Schaaf, Daryll Quersma, SJC Building/Trade Council

• $250: D.E. Russell Painting, Ray Uecker Construction, Andrew Sephos, Toni Raymus, Carl Grissom, Prima Frrutta Packing, MCR Engineering

• $200: Awnie Ammar

• $150: Grupe Commercial

• $100: Tallerico Family Partnership, Cardoza Enterprises, Peggy Thompson, Dave Winegarden, Lois Wiedenhoeft, Manteca Medical Group, Alan Nakanishi

Silverman has made $4,500 in loans to his own campaign.