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11-year-old stacks up well against competition
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Katherine Ray finished in the top five in her age group at last weekend’s Northwest Region Sports Stacking Championships held in Auburn, WA. In turn, the 11-year-old Manteca girl qualified for next month’s world competition in Denver. - photo by VINCE REMBULAT
Thus far, Katherine Ray has stacked up well against the competition.
But that comes to no surprise to Tanya Ray, who as often wowed watching her 11-year-old daughter stack cups.

A student at Stella Brockman School, Katherine Ray is involved in the sport of speed stacking. For the past year, she’s been involved in the events sanctioned by the World Sports Stacking Association.

“Actually, (Katherine) has been stacking for quite a while,” her mother said on Tuesday. “She received a stacking kit as a Christmas gift many years ago.

“She’s been doing it ever since.”

The younger Ray qualified for next month’s World Sports Stacking Championship in Denver by finishing in the top 5 at last weekend’s Northwest regional held in Auburn, WA.

This was her second-ever competition.

Last September, the Manteca girl took second place overall in the individual competition during an event held in Bakersfield.

Cups are placed accordingly and each competitor, based on age group, is required to stack these items in a particular order – 3-3-3, 3-6-3, or a cycle consisting of a variety of patterns – based on speed.

“I enjoy (competing) in the cycle,” Ray said.

The youngster is dedicated to her sport, spending a couple of hours daily practicing stacking, according to her mother.

“She’s pretty fast,” Tanya Ray said.

Meanwhile, the regional event consisted of representatives from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, British Columbia and California.

In the individual competition, Katherine Ray battled 40 youngsters in her age group during the event held at Auburn High, stacking her cups in a certain order in 10.13 seconds.

Now, she’s hoping to see how she stacks up against the world.