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1916: Manteca census at 567 people, 52 cars
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100 years ago

December 29, 1916

The population of Manteca, as of last week, is 567. This is quite an increase from the 1910 census of 80 people. This does not include the transient labor around town of whom as high as 40 can be counted every night. The number of automobiles owned in town is 52.


80 years ago

December 31, 1936

The building that was erected to house Manteca’s first newspaper, The Manteca Enterprise, is no more — it was torn down last week by Carl Palm, owner of the property, thereby removing one of Manteca’s oldest structures. The building was erected in 1911 by J. B. Dixon, who launched the Enterprise here that year.


70 years ago

December 26, 1946

The 1947 license renewal season will open at all branch offices of the Department of Motor Vehicles on January 2. Motor vehicle owners of Manteca may secure registration renewal by going to the office at 140 E. Lindsay in Stockton. Because of the shortage of steel, local owners will not receive their plates at the time they apply for renewal.


60 years ago

December 27, 1956

John J. McFall, newly elected representative in Congress from San Joaquin and Stanislaus counties, will leave a capable staff of assistants on the home front when he flies to Washington next Tuesday. Mrs. Randy Albertsen will maintain a full-time office in Manteca. Mrs. W. W. Montgomery will provide San Joaquin County liaison in Stockton and John Olhasso will be the Stanislaus County representative in Modesto.


50 years ago

December 28, 1966

Access to the East Union High School from the proposed Northgate subdivision was just one of the problems tackled by the Manteca Unified School District and the Board of Trustees at their meeting December 20. This, along with other business, is why the board has decided to have one study session, and possibly two, in addition to their regularly scheduled semi-monthly meetings in January.


40 years ago

December 29, 1976

A request to postpone City Personnel Board grievance hearings for Police Sgts. Larry Cook and Dan Beall has been made by Robert Cole, general manager of the San Joaquin County Employees Association, in order to first hold a related hearing which charges the city with unfair labor practices. A tentative date of January 5 has been set for the unfair labor practices hearing, to be held in the offices of City Manager Richard Jones.


30 years ago

December 26, 1986

Mother and triplet daughters are doing just fine at the Quaresma & Sons Dairy on South Union Road.  The triplets are calves and were born Wednesday morning to one of 650 Holstein milk cows on the dairy owned by Ray Quaresma and his sons, Raymond and Daryll. The trio of arrivals, born on Christmas Eve, are considered Christmas calves by the family and the fact that they are heifers enhances their value to the dairy.


20 years ago

January 2, 1997

Vacant storefronts are the target of an ambitious business development plan being pursued by the Manteca Chamber of Commerce. “Our goal is simple,” said Chuck Crutchfield, who is the newly-elected Chamber president. “We want to fill every vacant storefront in Manteca, whether it is in a shopping center or downtown.”


10 years ago

December 28, 2006

Manteca taxpayers “pay” a $500 stipend each month for each City Council member for overseeing a $115.7 million municipal operation with 378 employees, 180 miles of streets, 3,314 street lights, 169 miles of sewer lines and a host of other public improvements. The mayor does not receive additional compensation. “I don’t see it as a means to earn a living,” said Councilman Vince Hernandez. “I think it is fair,” Hernandez said, “I don’t think it should get any higher.”