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1918: Spreckels sugar processing Manila cane on Manteca between beet harvests
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100 years ago

April 5, 1918

The Spreckels Sugar Factory started up Wednesday on a quantity of low grade cane which had been shipped here from Manila.  This product is being processed during the time the plant is not operating on beets grown in the area.

90 years ago

April 5, 1928

Trees were planted on the Lindbergh School grounds Friday under the auspices of the Native Daughters in memory of two pioneer women, Mrs. Emily Cowell and Mrs. Stephronia Salmon. Presiding over the ceremonies was Mrs. Hattie Mewborn, daughter of Mrs. Cowell.

80 years ago

April 7, 1938

Completing his second year as Mayor of Manteca, Elmer Blodgett gave a detailed report of city activities during that period at a meeting of the City Council Monday night.

70 years ago

April 9, 1948

Correct house numbers have been mailed to all city homeowners with instructions to install them as soon as possible. This was done to meet the provisions of a recently adopted city ordinance.

60 years ago

April 17, 1958

Delbert Luck was elected Mayor of Manteca at Tuesday night’s City Council reorganization. He succeeds Carl Hansen, who has held that office for the past eight years. Luck has been a city councilman for the past eight years. The new mayor, whose father, J. M. Luck, served as mayor in the late 1920’s, is a master mechanic at the Spreckels Sugar Company.

50 years ago

April 19, 1968

In an emotion-charged but well-ordered meeting of the Manteca Unified School District Tuesday night attended by some 250 persons, schoolmen voted 4-3 in favor of retaining the four-year concept at East Union High School and the seventh and eighth grade centers. The large turnout was the result of the board’s direction to the administration the week before to look into the feasibility of changing East Union into an all-freshman or 10th through 12th grade school.

40 years ago

April 28, 1978

Double sessions and the overcrowding in Manteca Unified School District schools were the problems that induced a small group of parents to seek a confrontation with Superintendent Richard Cherry Friday morning. “We are concerned about double sessions,” said Mary Bramell.

, parent of one of next year’s first-graders. She and the other three mothers of district kindergartners who met in Cherry’s office sought both to understand the overcrowding problem and to help find an educationally better solution.

30 years ago

April 17, 1988

As drought conditions loom, the City of Manteca is asking that citizens voluntarily not water their lawns or landscaping between the hours of 3 p.m. and 8 p.m., but according to Lou Holmes, public works secretary and local conservation promoter, if conditions get severe it could be made a mandatory rule.

10 years ago

April 21, 2008

The water that flows down your drain from taking a bath, washing dishes or flushing the toilet could one day be recycled for use in moistening soil for grading or to control construction dust. The Manteca City Council will discuss paying Nolte & Associates $28,000 to prepare guidelines for the use of recycled wastewater for construction purposes.