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1966: EU High construction delayed
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100 years ago

September 22, 1916

Law T. Freitas, the Stockton attorney who lately acquired the interests of Manuel Nunes in the Nunes-Freitas Company dairy and ranch, is making his home here and goes into Stockton by machine every day.


90 years ago

September 23, 1926

The registration at the local high school yesterday showed an enrollment of 218, which is 20 more than for the same date last year. According to Principal G. I. Linn, who has been checking up on the situation, there are approximately 16 more students who have not registered.


80 years ago

September 24, 1936

Elections were held Tuesday and Wednesday by Manteca Union High School classes and the Girls League and Boys Club of that institution for the purposes of sending representatives to the student body executive board. The freshman class sent Albert Phillips, while Jay Meikle was sent by the sophomores. Helen McMillin will represent the juniors, and Ronald Piper was chosen by the seniors. Ruth Albertsen will represent the Girls League and Sam Price, the Boys Club.


70 years ago

September 19, 1946

Figures given by Principal J. F. Bisig show that the Manteca High School by far exceeded last year’s registration. The total number of students this year was very close to the estimate given out at the time of the bond issue campaign. Last year’s total was 457, as compared to this year’s total of 550.


60 years ago

September 20, 1956

Bowing to widespread protest, especially from many church people, the members of Manteca Sportsmen at a meeting Monday night voted to change the hour for holding their annual parade Sunday, September 30, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. This action was taken after a long discussion. Al Baker, chairman of the parade committee, and other members declared that much criticism had been directed at the organization for scheduling a parade on Sunday morning.


50 years ago

September 21, 1966

The construction of East Union High School will not be completed until next May or June, according to a report given by Assistant Superintendent George Barendse at the September 6 meeting of the Manteca Unified School District board. Barendse said the cause of the delay was due to various strikes and late deliveries of parts such as door frames. 


40 years ago

September 22, 1976

City Council Monday night acting on a recommendation from the Planning Commission, named a seven-member citizen’s group, to be known as the Award of Excellence Committee, to assist in an effort to make Manteca “a more attractive community“. Its membership included Antoinette Poulos, who will serve as chairman, Eleanor Flint, Mary Natteford, Larry Evans, Leoma Negley, Chuck DiSalvo and James Messinger.


30 years ago

September 21, 1986

Manteca schools are implementing a new homework policy this year that, for the first time, will require teachers to assign a specific number of hours of study outside the classroom, said Frank Purdy, director of elementary educational services for the Manteca Unified School District. By November, all schools will have implemented the policy which he said is intended to improve education and make homework assignments more uniform throughout the school district.


20 years ago

September 24, 1996 

The chance that South County growth will severely deplete existing underground water tables as well as the potential for contamination is part of a proposed environmental study that will cost every Manteca household $72 to conduct. The study is a prerequisite for moving to the next stage in the process of building a $150 million surface water treatment plant to service Manteca, Lathrop, Tracy and Escalon.


10 years ago

September 25, 2006

Speeding on Manteca streets? Then be warned. Nick Obligacion is among Manteca Police Department’s four officer traffic division gunning for you with the latest technology in radar guns and other detection devices. And if you think radar detectors are going to protect you, guess again. The new laser technology actually harnesses radar detectors to get a lock on offending vehicles.