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1984: Manteca City Hall gets first computers
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100 years ago

November 13, 1914

J. Wesley Platt has been appointed rural mail carrier for the Manteca route. Mr. Platt has purchased a new Ford and will move his family to Manteca to make his home. Mr. Platt will continue his present church work. 


90 years ago

November 14, 1924

A special meeting of the high school board was held Tuesday night to discuss the matter of allowing the student body to use the buses for transporting the rooters to the games. The board decided that the buses are not to be used for any purpose other than transporting the students to and from school.


80 years ago

November 15, 1934

Advance sale of tickets indicates that the dance to be held in the Manteca Ballroom next Saturday night to raise money for improvements at Recreation Park will attract a good crowd. Over 100 tickets have already been sold, many local businessmen making purchases because of the belief that the park is a valuable asset in the community and want to see it kept in proper condition. Reese’s Rhythm Masters, well-known dance orchestra, will furnish the music.


70 years ago

November 16, 1944

Arthur Petronia, proprietor of the Scoop Newsstand and Fountain, has purchased the building in which the business is located at the corner of Yosemite and Sycamore Avenues. In addition, the building contains Johnnie’s Coffee Shop and rooms on the second floor. The building was erected in the early years of Manteca and was first known as the Wiggin Hotel and it also housed the post office and a restaurant. It was later known as the Manteca Hotel.


60 years ago

November 11, 1954

A general discussion meeting of the school boards of the Manteca and Calla Elementary School Districts was held at Calla School last Wednesday evening. The discussion centered on the problems brought about by residential expansion into areas of the Calla district. The Raymus Real Estate subdivision of 180 homes, north of North Street and east of Lindbergh School, will lie in the Calla School District.


50 years ago

November 11, 1964

Foggy weather driving was the theme of Wednesday‘s Safety Council meeting and program chairman Herman Soto showed a short film showing day and night driving conditions in foggy weather. The traffic on Louise Avenue and Airport Way was discussed and it was stated the majority of drivers do not stop at the stop sign, and it was proposed there be better enforcement at this point.


40 years ago

November 13, 1974

Postmaster Joe Chincarini has reminded customers that effective Sunday, the U. S. Postal Service intends to discontinue delivering mail on which there is no postage. Officials estimate that the costs to deliver such mail total approximately $18 million annually.


30 years ago

November 11, 1984

City employees weren’t the least bashful about dabbling with shiny new computers Friday, the first day city operations entered the age of automation. Eight terminals and three printout machines were installed the night before and employees spent their time experimenting with unfamiliar keyboards, sending messages and making printouts. “I’ll probably be here all weekend playing with it,” said a bubbling City Clerk Joann Tilton.


20 years ago

November 14, 1994

The first 700 or so 96-gallon garbage containers have been distributed free to residents in the city’s effort to convert to a semi-automated trash collection system. Manteca has scheduled its semi-automated system to begin by the end of January, said Public Works Director Michael Brinton.


10 years ago

November 13, 2004

Debby Morehead is waving the white flag after a flap erupted by the Manteca Chamber of Commerce’s decision not to line Manteca’s streets with 2,500 flags on Veterans Day due to inclement weather. Moorhead decided Monday not to put the flags out. She is the executive director of the business organization whose Flags Over Manteca is its signature community project. The fact there were no flags out on Veterans Day enraged a number of people who bombarded the chamber office with protest calls.