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1999: Municipal computer systems ready for year 2000
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90 years ago
December 19, 1919
Calla school district had a happy time Saturday night when its citizens celebrated the dedication of their fine new school house. This is now in use with a teaching force of three. They have about 150 children in the several grades.

80 years ago
December 19, 1929
The matter of the application for the building of the Legion Memorial Hall was discussed by the city council at a special meeting Monday night. Following a thorough discussion, it was voted to lay the matter on the table until the next meeting.

70 years ago
December 14, 1939
Former Mayor J. J. Overshiner, one of the city’s oldest pioneers, has sold his home on West Yosemite Avenue to Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Cotrell, who will make some repairs to the building before occupying it. The house was built about 27 years ago and was one of Manteca’s finest homes at the time.

60 years ago
December 15, 1949
Winding up the 1946 $300,000 bond issues are the two major construction projects now being completed at the Manteca Union High School. The new gymnasium and swimming pool are now in the finishing up process.

50 years ago
December 17, 1959
Tentative costs of the new Golden West School were given members of the Elementary Board of Trustees Monday night. Neil Hafley, superintendent, said tentative plans call for 16 classrooms, a kindergarten and art room and a multi-purpose room. Tentative costs are set at $624,303.

40 years ago
December 17, 1969
The up-and-down, three-year soap opera of the Manteca Police-Courts Building climaxed Monday night as city councilmen decided not to build the city’s portion of the structure in the foreseeable future after all. Instead, the council seems to be opting for a stop-gap plan, as yet undetailed, to move some city offices next door to city hall, in the telephone company’s former dial center.

30 years ago
December 14, 1979
Marijuana use by high school students is about equal with the use of alcohol and, while neither problem is significant in numbers, school district officials and police are still concerned. Superintendent Richard Cherry of the Manteca Unified School District said drug and alcohol use by teenagers is not a major problem, but he does consider it a problem.

20 years ago
December 14, 1989
Problems between union employees and Doctors Hospital of Manteca administrators have again heated up and the employees’ union has filed numerous charges against the hospital with the National Labor Relations Board. The hospital, owned by National Medical Enterprises, will be visited by representatives of the NLRB next week. It has been charged with harassment and discrimination against union employees, particularly shop stewards.

10 years ago
December 19, 1999
It’s 13 days until 01/01/00. That computer sequence of numbers--better known as the Y2K bug--supposedly will plunge cities into darkness, take water and sewer service off line, make traffic lights malfunction and create havoc with billing and records systems. An analysis of municipal services, computers and back-up systems has prompted a city committee to determine that Manteca is ready for any possible eventuality. “We’re confident the new year will arrive without any problems,” said Assistant City Manager Karen McLaughlin. “But we feel it is prudent to have an action plan just in case.”