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2002: Manteca school board cuts free dinner for trustee meetings
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10 years ago

October 11, 2002

On Tuesday, the Manteca Unified School District board voted a piece of executive privilege away. According to the debate among board members Paul Gutierrez, Nancy Teicheira, Dale Fritchen, Jay Holmes, Nellie Zavala and Evelyn Moore, the board members had been provided with food free of charge on the school district’s tab. “We as board members can easily eat before we come, or stop by McDonald’s or just bring our food,” Fritchen said during the meeting. “We don’t really need this. I think the money is just too far away from the kids.” The board voted 5-2 to do away with the complimentary meals. Moore and Zavala were the dissenting votes.

20 years ago

October 10, 1992

A forum held for the seven candidates running for the Manteca City Council Wednesday turned out to be a mixed bag of issues and politics as the group amicably saw eye-to-eye on some subjects and typically went head-to-head on others. The candidates are Lucia Boyle, Greg Flora, Meredith Lord, Ken Ornick, Carlon Perry and incumbents Dave Balsinger and Wayne Flores. Voters will elect two council members on November 3.

30 years ago

October 15, 1982

Diana Wyrsch was crowned 1982 Pumpkin Queen as a crowd of Mantecans watched beneath the glitter of Pumpkin Festival rides Thursday night. She received her crown from 1981 Pumpkin Queen Paula Tilton. She will receive a $500 scholarship donated by local pumpkin growers George Perry and Sons, Dave Celli, Tony Teicheira and John Azevedo.

40 years ago

October 11, 1972

Margaret Johnson, a mother of two and an active member of the League of Women Voters, among other organizations, was asked by Mayor Chuck Shaefer to assume the duties formerly held by Norman Gould, who recently announced his resignation from the Manteca Planning Commission.

50 years ago

October 11, 1962

Congressman John J. McFall of Manteca will be honored here this Saturday night in a testimonial dinner commending his six years of service in the House of Representatives. The dinner will be held at the MRPS Hall at 135 North Grant Avenue. Principal speaker will be Secretary of the Interior Stewart L. Udall. McFall attended public schools in Manteca.

60 years ago

October 9, 1952

As it began its second year of operation, several changes in the set-up of the Manteca District Ambulance Service were made at a meeting of the board of directors held in the council chambers of the City Hall a week ago last night. It was voted to hire a secretary at a salary of $35 per month and volunteer drivers are to be paid $2.50 each for the average 15-mile trip.

70 years ago

October 15, 1942

According to a check by Arbor Barth, Chief Observer of the Observation Post located at the Calla schoolhouse, there are 17 aircraft watchers  who have served more than 100 hours since the service was adopted last December. Those 17 are eligible to receive a beautiful arm band in recognition of their faithful service in the Army Air Forces Ground Observer Corps.

80 years ago

October 13, 1932

All plans have been completed for the fourth annual dance to be held next Saturday night by Hope McFall Post, No. 249 American Legion in the Manteca Ballroom. Solly’s Syncopaters eight-piece orchestra has been engaged to furnish the music for the occasion. Dancing will continue until 3 a.m.

90 years ago

October 13, 1922

The student body election at the local high school, carried on in a thoroughly business-like manner, was held last Friday as the climax of two weeks of exciting campaigning, filled with “soap box” speeches and other electioneering.

100 years ago

October 11, 1912

D. J. Davis of Ripon has taken over the moving picture show in Manteca.