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250 trees on way for Moffat segment of Tidewater?
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It is the ugliest stretch of separated bike path in Manteca.

Stretching from South Main Street to Industrial Park Drive, the Moffat Boulevard segment of the 3.4-mile decade-old Tidewater Bike Path is devoid of greenery – save a storm retention basin/park created several years ago by the city.

Over the years, suggestions have been made to spend upwards of $700,000 to landscape the entire stretch including landscaping and a pair of entrance plazas.

Now municipal staff has devised a way to get the ball rolling for $33,000 to install an irrigation system and plant 250 trees in cooperation with a church group.

The landscaping – while not on the elaborate level of other segments – would mean there would be trees on almost a mile stretch that has none at the present time.

The money would come from the city’s share of the Local Transportation Fund that is part of the transit allocation designated for pedestrian and bicycle improvements.

It will cost $25,000 to install the irrigation system and $18,000 for 250 trees and the necessary stakes. The annual maintenance cost of the system and water is pegged at $5,000. That can also be covered by LTF money.

The project by the manner it would be funded and ongoing maintenance would be paid for will not impact the general fund that is in a deficit situation. Restricted money such as the LTF revenue can only legally be used for the purposes it was collected and allocated.

The City Council meets at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Civic Center, 1001 W. Center St. At that time, they will be asked to put the irrigation portion of the Moffat segment out to bid.