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28-pound loss in 2 months sells him on TRX training
Trainer Wendy Duelus demonstrates a TRX exercise. - photo by HIME ROMERO

Vince Garcia didn’t believe that working out with what are essentially straps would do him much good.

The 55-year-old Manteca resident has exercised faithfully since his days as a high school athlete often hitting the gym five days a week. Besides, how hard could it be for a guy who bench presses 305 pounds?

Two months and 28 pounds lighter Garcia is convinced that the TRX suspension training is the toughest – and best – all around exercise routines.

He’s in good company. The TRX system was developed by the Navy Seals and employs an entire repertoire of exercises that works out all muscles by using one’s body weight.

He was introduced to the TRX system by personal trainer Wendy Deulus who uses it as the heart of her tailored conditioning workouts in a private gym at her Ripon home.

“It works well with almost any fitness goal,” Deulus, who has used it to train athletes as well as help elderly diabetics improve their health.

Garcia said he chuckled to himself when Deulus first approached him about the advantages of the suspension training. He wasn’t laughing, though after his first workout.

“It’s a heck of a workout,” Garcia said.

Garcia is part of a growing number of people – whether they worked out for a long time or are just getting started – who are seeking out the expertise of personal trainers.

Deulus is Garcia’s spin class instructor. When he told her that he wanted to lose weight, she suggested he try the TRX workout that start at $11.25 per session. Two months later he’s gone from 240 pounds to 212 pounds and says he has never felt as strong.

Garcia said he has lost inches, it is easy now for him to climb in and out trucks at his work, plus his blood pressure is down to normal at 120 over 80.

He said he didn’t think there was any way he could make such a marked improvement in his fitness and his health in such a short time given the fact he’s been working with weights and running his entire life.

“Wendy really cares about you reaching your goals,” Garcia said. “She’s 100 percent committed to helping you do it right.”

Deulus, 41, is a marathon runner. She said she has always been hooked on fitness due to the self confidence it provides plus how it makes her feel.

Depending upon the goals, her personal training regimens for clients sometimes employ other equipment plus running. But the TRX system is at the core – literally and figuratively.

“It (the TRX) helps build your core strength and uses muscles you don’t normally use,” Deulus said noting that most workouts work muscles forward and backwards and not as you are twisting. Developing core strength helps reduce the potential for injuries plus it is a more complete workout.

Deulus noted since the only weight employed is your body weight the TRX system can be used for all levels including seniors starting out and youngsters.

“My 11 year-old son wants me to help condition him to play football,” Deulus said. “At that age (youngsters) are too young to work weights safely. This (the TRX) is a good way for them to go.”

During a Friday training session, Deulus was working with Stephanie Peters and Tess Paschini.

Both have noted improved health, better stamina and better flexibility since starting the TRX program under Deulus’ direction just seven weeks ago.

Peters noted it is a great way to maximize training in a short time period to get results. She added that she had hit a plateau and the TRX exercises helped her go to a higher level.

“I feel like I’m a lot stronger now,” said Paschini who has been exercising her entire adult life.

To contact Deulus regarding personal training call 595-1340.