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4 Manteca residents aboard disabled ship
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What was supposed to be a carefree and relaxing cruise to Mexico has been anything but for four Manteca residents trapped on board the disabled Carnival Splendor that has been floating in Mexican waters since Monday.

Manteca couples Mark and Tabitha Bettencourt and Donnie and Delores Dutra were set to spend a week enjoying the sights of their trip through the Mexican Riviera, but a fire in an engine room on Monday cut the power to the majority of the boat – which has more than 4,500 guests.

The ship, which launched from Long Beach, now sits roughly 200 miles south of San Diego.

On Tuesday the United States Navy resupplied the ship with thousands of pounds of food and other supplies. Tugboats are now bringing the ship back to the San Diego harbor.

Guests have been without telephone service, hot water, hot food, and electricity since the fire occurred.