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7-year-old remembers first grade lesson: Call 9-1-1
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It’s a treat for any second grader to sit behind the wheel of a big, red fire truck. Firefighter Brad Schemper was showing young Jordon what buttons to push to make the red lights come to life.

It was a lesson first grader Jordon McCain remembered from his first grade class at the McParland School Annex – when and how to call 9-1-1 in an emergency.

First grade teacher Trisha Gonzales apparently taught him well.

Jordon McCain, 7, is going to be recognized tonight at 7 p.m. at the Manteca City Council meeting by fire and police personnel for his efforts in going to the rescue of his dad Marlon.

The youngster said he got up about 6 a.m. and found his dad stumbling around in his bedroom apparently suffering from a seizure. He brought him a glass of water which he took and spilled, then slipped and fell into the wall and a bookcase.

Marlon McCain said the last thing he remembers is when he kissed his lady before she went off to work at Sutter Medical in Sacramento.  It was about 6 a.m. he remembers – but the next thing he actually remembered was waking up in the hospital.

His son had called the 9-1-1 dispatcher asking for help for his dad who had fallen on the floor.  That call brought fire medics, the police, and Manteca Ambulance to the scene within minutes.

Firefighters Bill Todd and Ted Hunter were first on the scene.

After the dad was transported police community service officer (CSO) Shaun Ferraro was called to the LaPlaya Avenue home to stay with the boy until the youth’s mom Heather Young could be located at work.

Officer Ferraro searched for any indication of a telephone number where the woman could be reached at her Sacramento job site.  Finally the CSO located a resume with the name of the medical group where she worked with a phone number.  A receptionist on the other end of the line helped by looking through an employee directory for Ferraro.

When the officer came back to the McCain home Monday morning with firemen to see the youngster again for a news photo, she hugged him and said, “He’s just an awesome kid!”

She said when she initially walked into the home she was pleasantly surprised that his room was neat as a pin and that he was taking everything in stride – sitting down and watching cartoons on television.

Finding out that his hero was “Spiderman” she told him she had a big six foot square painting of that super hero on one of her bedroom walls.  Her son Thomas had painted it for his senior project at Manteca High School eight years ago.

She said Jordon didn’t believe her, so to prove it to him she went by her home and took a picture on her cell phone.  Jordon believed when she returned to his house with the proof.

Both Jordon and his teacher Trisha Gonzales are going to new schools this year.  He will be attending Golden West and she has been assigned to French Camp School.

The senior McCain said he was released from the hospital after a two-hour series of tests for the first ever seizure he has experienced in his lifetime.