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81% happy with Manteca service
Gleaned from 1,600 responses over two years
Citizens requesting city services give municipal employees high ratings. - photo by HIME ROMERO

Manteca city employees consistently score in the 80 percent range when it comes to response time, effectiveness, and courtesy.

That is based on data collected from over 1,600 customer satisfaction surveys from residents who have contacted the city during the past two years on everything from street lights being out to park maintenance issues.

City Manager Steve Pinkerton noted the results underscore municipal employees’ commitment to provide the best possible service regardless of cutbacks.

 “We are here to serve the citizens of Manteca,” Pinkerton said.

The customer service survey responses show:

•81% rate employee effectiveness as superior/good, 7% average, and 10% below average/poor.

•84% rate response time as superior/good, 8% as average, and 7% as below average/poor.

•86% rate employee courtesy as superior/good, 6% as average, and 4% as below average/poor.

The statistics were gathered between May 21 of 2009 and May 20 of 2011 from online surveys offered to citizens as an option to fill out.

Some 79 percent of inquiries for service are made via the web through the city’s government outreach program (go to  for service requests.

Fourteen percent of requests for service were by phone, six percent in person, two percent via e-mail, and one percent via an iPhone.

Users of iPhone and Androids can install an app to access the city’s reporting system. The app allows users to take a picture of the concern such as potholes and attach it to the request.

Requests that are closed on time based on various bench marks for specific type of requests went from 93 percent in 2009-10 to 97 percent in 2010-11.