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93 more homes near Veritas School
The brown and yellow areas are 88 acres proposed for annexation to Manteca with the yellow including a proposal for 93 homes. - photo by RYAN BALBUENA
An almond orchard eventually will be replaced with 93 single family homes on a 24-acre parcel on the south side of Woodward Avenue to the east of Union Road.

The subdivision known as Silva Estates will require the extension of Pagola Avenue that passes by Veritas School and Antigua Park to a point south of Woodward Avenue.
The Manteca City Council Tuesday will consider an 88-acre annexation as well as plans for the 93-home Silva Estates that encompasses 24 of those acres. The council meets at 7 p.m. at the Civic Center, 1001 W. Center St.

Silva Estates will be one of the first subdivisions that will be designed to meet new Woodward Avenue streetscape standards. The plan is to reduce Woodward Avenue from what had been envisioned as a four lane road to two lanes. That will mean all lots facing Woodward Avenue will have a deeper setback plus either hammerhead or circular driveways so vehicles can enter the street front first.

Initially only the land where Anderson Homes wants to build Silva Estates was proposed for annexation. Local Agency Formation Commission policy though discourages creation of islands or piece meal annexations. Instead the agency that must approve any changes in a jurisdiction’s boundaries favors annexations that are logical and don’t leave gaps.

Surrounding property owners have agreed to be annexed although there are no plans at the moment to develop the other parcels.

Even though Manteca has roughly 850 finished lots still available for new home building, the project won’t create a surplus of available lots in the current market.

That is because it takes at least three to four years to move a project through the process to the point it can break ground. The earliest any activity in terms of physically preparing the 24 acres for home construction could take place is 2013.

At Manteca’s current pace of home construction it will take about three years to exhaust the current supply of buildable residential lots that have services and streets already in place.