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Agape Villages promotes Beattie to resource job
Agape 003a
Members of the Agape Advisory Council include, from left, Frank Guinta, Hank Lawson (chairman of the board), Joann Beattie, John Coburn, Kelly Stipe and Katie Prather. - photo by Photo Contributed

Agape Villages Foster Family Agency has promoted Joann Beattie to Senior Vice President of Resource and Development.

The Manteca office placed 75 foster children homes and 13 children were adopted or given permanent guardianship by Agape Foster families in 2009.

Foster parents need to be at least 21 years of age and pass a background check. They don’t need to be married but they have to provide a stable home environment. And if they are married, they need to be so for at least a year.

Agape Villages has a comprehensive system in place to support foster parents. It includes monthly financial compensation to help with the expense of raising a child, a clothing allowance, provisions for respite or cooling down periods, support groups, personal consultation to assist with the initial decision to become a foster parent, social workers available 24/7 for emergencies and weekly meetings with foster parents and their children, and effective training and preparation as a foster parent.

The foster children have Medi-Cal for health insurance.

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