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Aged pet turned over to pound, victim of elderly owners home foreclosure
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It’s a tearful goodbye to “Betsy”, a 15-year-old terrier, by its owner Mary Tramel of Lathrop after the family home was foreclosed upon this week. Tramel and her daughter Connie Gunderson had to decide between Betsy and a 10-year-old “Tubby.” Only one animal is allowed at their new rental residence. - photo by GLENN KAHL
It was the ultimate in foreclosure shock.
Tears were shed by two women Monday afternoon at the dog pound counter on Wetmore Avenue as they held their 15-year-old “Betsy” who they had turn over to animal control officer Les Rowe.
Mary Tramel and her daughter Connie Gunderson admitted it was a hard decision to give  their dog to the shelter — having had her since she was a puppy.  They said the only time the small dog went outside was “to go potty” and then came right back into the house.
It was all Tramel and Gunderson could do to let loose of their family pet.  They walked out of the office crying.
They said their mortgage payments on Osage Place in Lathrop just kept going up and up to the point they lost their home.  Now they are in a rental where only one animal is allowed.
The two women had five dogs and were able to give three of them away with the exception of Betsy and 10-year-old “Tubby.”
Betsy had been a house dog that burrowed under the covers and slept with grandchildren when they came to visit. “She’s very friendly — sometimes she smiles,” Gunderson said.   Now she has had to enter a kennel with her black cotton sweater.
Rowe said he has to keep her for three days before she can be adopted out if anyone comes forward to adopt her.  With a fear of what the cold weather could do to her, the animal control officer said he would put Betsy into a carryall and place it by a heater to keep her warm.
She is not spayed but due to her age the requirement could be waived, it was noted.   Anyone wishing to check on Betsy may call Manteca Animal Control at 239-8480.
The Manteca officers had to ask the couple for $21 to turn the dog into the shelter — a requirement by the home  city of Lathrop.  Seeing their dilemma in the office an anonymous citizen was there to cover that cost.