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Agile Agings Garrett offers easy workout plan
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Learn easy exercises that can stimulate the brain and increase energy.

The July 27 program of the Central Valley Recovery, Awareness and Preventing Strokes will have geriatric body movement expert Valerie Garrett demonstrating, “Agile Aging – Senior Wellness.”

She’s a certified practitioner of Spatial Dynamics. Her company, Agile Aging, is based in San Francisco and is an associate member of the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association.

Garrett’s approaches to agile movements support graceful aging.

She’s the guest speaker at the lunch-and-learn program presented by Healings in Motion.

This monthly event will be held from noon to 2 p.m. in the Worknet Building, 56 S. Lincoln St., Stockton.

Healings in Motion is a patient-driven non-profit organization that facilitates programs and events associated to reducing strokes and supporting recovery and Traumatic Brain Injury.

 Agile Aging’s slow, subtle movements, as demonstrated by Garrett, embrace a mind-body approach, accompanied by music and movement games that can be done seated or standing by those in attendance.

“Love yourself with graceful dancing to increase your confidence and reduce aches and pains,” she recently said.

For more information, call Mary Nicholson, Healings in Motion, at (877) 672-4480 or log on to