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Andrea Ramirez story
Club seeks help with telethon Nov. 23-24
Andrea Ramirez - photo by Photo Contributed

I began attending the Boys & Girls Club in the fourth grade and fell in love the day I joined. As young as I was, I began learning things about myself I never knew. I built relationships that I still hold strongly to this day and have bonded with many of the staff members.

The club itself has helped me through so many of the obstacles and challenges throughout my life. Whether it was looking for a place to stay at night or just feel welcomed and a part of something special, the Boys & Girls Club doors were always open. Thanks to the kids and staff I have always been determined & motivated to do my best and never give up on my dreams, even when people told me I couldn’t do it. Many of my inspirations and motivators have been introduced to me through the club and I am so grateful that I had the privilege of growing up at the club. My biggest thanks do go out to the club for changing my life and making me who I am today. It is my second home and always will be.
I hope those of you that haven’t experienced the magic of the club get the chance someday because to me, it was a powerful life changing experience that I will never forget.

Andrea Ramirez
2008 Manteca Youth of the Year