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Anti-bullying book leads to Bookfest invite
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Harry Pacheco just wanted to write a book that would make a difference.
And it’s making a much bigger impact than he ever thought it would.
Over the course of the last month, Pacheco – a first-time Tracy author – has received proclamations from cities throughout the region lauding him for his anti-bullying book “Gladys Glasses” and the positive message that has now spread beyond the confines of his normal stomping grounds.
Pacheco just found out that Bay Area-based bookstore chain Books Inc. has not only ordered copies for their busy locations, but given them premium placement within the store – exposing him to an entirely new audience.
“I’m blown away by how everything has worked out,” Pacheco said. “Before it was me trying to call people to get it into stores and talk to companies and now they’re the ones that are calling me. I never expected this to happen – I really can’t believe it.”
Pacheco was moved to write the book after he found out that his daughter was being teased at school for being different because she wore glasses, and instead of just delivering good advice that would help her overcome what she was experiencing, he wanted to craft a positive story that reassures those on the receiving end of bullying that their differences are something to behold.
He published the book himself, and within a month after receiving it, started getting rave reviews from non-profit organizations and educators that appreciated the positive message.
But Pacheco has big dreams about where the book can go from here.
He already has the book “Stanley No Stripes” – which is about a tiger that is teased by his peers for not having stripes like all of the other tigers – completed, and is waiting for the illustrations to come back so he can compile the children’s tale and send it off to be printed. He’s expecting that within three months he’ll have the book back and add another tool to the anti-bullying arsenal he’s hoping will catch on in communities throughout Northern California.
“It’s reaching so many more people than I ever thought that it would,” Pacheco said. “The second book will deal about alienation and how because sometimes you don’t fit in with the others around you, you can feel alone.
“It’s a way to relate to younger kids that are dealing with these issues, and I’m glad that the idea is something that is going to benefit somebody.”
Later this year Pacheco will be speaking at the Great Valley Bookfest in Manteca – having been contacted by coordinator Toni Marie Raymus after a friend tipped her off about the story.
While he said he hoped to get the story out to as many people as possible, seeing his story along the walls of some famous Bay Area bookstores really drove the point home that his effort is paying off and good things are happening.
“To have a picture of my book on the front display that people see when they walk into a section is huge honor,” he said. “I love those stores, and its amazing feeling to know that somebody in Alameda or Berkeley or San Francisco can purchase my book.

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