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Its a whole new game for gaming
Kids pack into Jake Guerins mobile G Factor Gaming Truck. Its an idea thats been such a hit that he quit his job at IBM and has been focusing on it full-time.

The key to being successful isn’t necessarily being the smartest person in the room.

It’s being the most adaptable person in the room.

And when Jake Guerin saw that traditional birthday parties weren’t meeting the changing interests of the youth of today he was smart enough to realize that was a chance to capture a market desperate for something new.

G Factor Gaming was born.

After recognizing that kids were more interested in XBox and Wii games than the bounce houses that were in the driveway, Guerin got the idea to outfit a trailer with leather couches, flat-screen televisions and enough gaming consoles to allow for tournaments and more than a dozen people to play simultaneously.

A somewhat botched initial attempt at hosting an in-house video party for his son led him to refine his idea as to what would work from simply bringing enough controllers and enough consoles to keep all of the kids at a regular birthday party occupied for an afternoon and creating the space himself.

And it has been wildly popular