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1965: Voters deciding whether to make cemetery public entity
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100 years ago

October 29, 1915

Deputy Constable J. Waller Graves reported two house robberies in Manteca this week. On Tuesday, the S. W. Sawdon home was entered and valuables were taken, among them money from their little boy’s piggy bank. On Wednesday at about the same hour, 4 p.m., the George Lee home in East Manteca was robbed of about $25 worth of clothing and jewelry. Mr. Graves reports that both jobs look like the work of the same man.


90 years ago

October 30, 1925

That portion of South Main Street where the pavement ends will not resemble a small lake when heavy rains of the coming winter arrive. In a few day s, work on the construction of a new drain on the thoroughfare will be started. Two new 24-inch catch basins will be blocked by means of a drainpipe to the city sewer.


80 years ago

October 31, 1935

Repair work on the Melones Reservoir and on the main supply canal is expected to be under way before the end of the week, it was announced by G. K. Parker, chief engineer of the South San Joaquin Irrigation District at a meeting of the board of directors yesterday. There are now about 70 men from the local labor camp doing work in various parts of the district. The camp is now operating under state relief and is used exclusively for unemployed residents of the state.


70 years ago

November 1, 1945

Although the Victory Loan Drive officially opened Monday, very little has been done other than to get organized for the solicitation.  Up to Tuesday noon, only one purchase had been reported to the office of Chairman E. Powers. This was a check from the Manteca Safeway store for the purchase of $1,000 in Victory Bonds.


60 years ago

October 27, 1955

The South San Joaquin Hospital Association was formed at a meeting held in the White Hall Wednesday night. Nine directors were elected and the directors then elected their own officers. Henry Richardson of the Eagles will head the association as president; Bill Perry, Junior Chamber representative, as vice-president; Mrs. Mary Pollino, secretary; Kay Johnson, recording secretary; James Kroll of Ripon, treasurer; Mrs. Clem Mulholland of Ripon, Lena Kapka, Eugene Pearson and Chuck Porterfield, general directors.


50 years ago

October 27, 1965

Tuesday, November 2, voters will go to the polls to pass on a proposal to form the East Union Cemetery District. This would convert the pioneer cemetery, located at N. Union Road and Louise Avenue, to a tax-supported government agency from its present status as a non-profit corporation. The historic cemetery is nearing the 100-year-old mark, having been founded in 1872. According to cemetery records, the first burial was that of Adeline Reynolds on December 28, 1872.


40 years ago

October 29, 1975

The regular meeting of the Manteca Unified School District Board of Trustees was cancelled Monday night but will probably be rescheduled for November 3. The cancellation was due to the illness of School District Superintendent Richard Cherry, who was hospitalized Sunday following a long bout with influenza and overwork, according to his secretary, Marsha Saladay.


30 years ago

October 29, 1985

Air conditioning is on the way for 51 more classrooms in the Manteca Unified School District , thanks to $3.27 million in bond funds that will be used to rehabilitate buildings 30 years and older. Deputy District Superintendent Harold Hughes said that state guidelines restrict how the funds can be spent, however, air conditioning is one of the improvements allowed and a top priority with the district.


20 years ago

October 31, 1995

Within the next two years, parents at Sierra High School hope to raise enough money for their own football stadium. “Our objective is to build

a 4,000 seat stadium,” said Robert Stoinoff Jr., a parent and member of the Booster Club. He presented an artistic rendering of the project to the Manteca Unified School District Monday evening during a board meeting.

10 years ago

October 30, 2005 

It costs $279,100 more today to buy the median-priced home in Manteca than it did 10 years ago. The median price of the typical home in Manteca for the first 10 months of 2005 was $405,000, compared to $125,000 in 1995. The odds are overwhelming that the median price in Manteca will be significantly higher than it is today in 2015.