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A way to get booking on more library space
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Someone finally stated the obvious.

Instead of focusing everything on a new library, Councilman Vince Hernandez said it would be wise to take an intermediate step to meet current needs while still working for a long-term solution.

The councilman’s idea isn’t exactly radical, although it is pragmatic. Hernandez suggested during Tuesday’s council meeting that the Manteca Library could be expanded to the McFall Room now used for community meetings and library story-time programs.

He believes other spaces are readily available for community use. They could include the new Manteca Transit Center for larger gatherings and the community room at the Parks and Recreation complex at the Civic Center for smaller affairs.

Some 20 plus years of putting Manteca’s library eggs all in one basket hasn’t generated a square foot of more library space.

Now the question is whether anyone will act on the suggestion or if we’re simply going to continue to hope for a $30 million library to drop in Manteca’s lap.