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Beware of ISIS, gangs & pit bulls
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This week’s best Manteca City Council meeting quote in the category of “why can’t we just get along” goes to resident Richard Hanson.

The council on Tuesday was debating whether to approve a conceptual location for a proposed dog park.

Hanson got up to address the council noting that he didn’t think it was too wise for the city to bring dogs together since some of them have a tendency to fight.

He made note of a Manteca couple that lost their dog earlier this month to a pit bull on the loose while walking their dog in their neighborhood.   

Hanson ended his presentation with a zinger that triggered laughter from the audience and the council, “The way things are going ISIS will take over the country, gangs will take over the city, and pit bulls will take over the dog park.”

Mayor Steve DeBrum got an honorable mention for a comment he made a few minutes later.

Councilwoman Debby Moorhead was expressing a concern that if and when a dog park was designed to make sure that there was a series of gates. She noted that some dog parks people have been known to leave gates open and other people’s dogs get out.

DeBrum — who makes his living as the Northern Area Manager for Dairy Farmers of America — couldn’t resist.

“The same things apply to cows if you leave the gate open,” DeBrum told Moorhead. “They get out.”

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Pregnancy Help Center open house

The Manteca Pregnancy Help Center is conducting an open house on Friday, Feb. 27, from 4 to 8 p.m. at their new center at 401 N. Main St. in the former California Prudential building.

They invite the public to see the new center, enjoy some light refreshments and learn more about their ministry.