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Chamber launches Business Buddies
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The Manteca Chamber of Commerce has rolled out a new initiative to help small business dealing with the city permitting process.

It’s dubbed “Business Buddies” and was the brainchild of Brenda Franklin of Tipton’s Stationery.

Chamber President Nico Tejeda said it is designed to help new businesses ask the right questions and contact the right people when they go by the Manteca Civic Center to secure permits for a wide variety of business needs from signs to proper licensing.

So far three people with extensive experience dealing with the city have stepped up to volunteer.

Chamber Executive Director Joanne Beattie said the goal is to eliminate confusion and make sure correct questions are asked. 

The chamber indicated that often times if the wrong question is asked or a businessman is put in contact with someone who may not be able to help them with their problem it can lead to misunderstandings as well as lost time and money.

For more information contact the chamber at 823.6121.