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From saving stray dogs to keeping kids safe
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Michelle Parodi holds two small dogs she scooped up in traffic during the noon hour on Wednesday. Parodi is a customer service representative at Delicato Winery. - photo by GLENN KAHL

It was a day of little acts of kindness.

Four workers from the Delicato Winery came upon small dogs in traffic as they were driving southbound on Cottage Avenue near the Highway 99 overcrossing.  

Michael Indelicato didn’t hesitate to stop to keep from hitting the two dogs. Winery customer service rep Michelle Parodi popped open the back door to go to the rescue.  The first dog answered her call and jumped into the truck but the second dog resisted, running behind the vehicle toward oncoming traffic. Finally she had both dogs in her lap, the door closed and they drove around the corner and parked on Alameda Street.

The two family pets could easily have been hit with oncoming drivers had the ridge of the bridge obscuring their vision.

Both dogs had collars but the addresses weren’t any I was familiar with in Manteca.  Their names were Buster and Nike.  They both seemed very much at home in the truck – even giving me a lick on my hand.

It wasn’t the first time Parodi rescued a dog in traffic.  The last incident she found it impossible to locate the owners and had to turn the pet over to the dog pound.  In Wednesday’s case, though, she said she would hold onto them until she ran down the leads from the identification on the collars.